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Maria Theresa Rota is unrecognizable, surgery error. Haters don’t give her any rest

Maria Theresa Rota decided to put a firm point on the issue of plastic surgery, and haters still point out that she was completely reconstructed, so she presented herself in a completely unexpected appearance and silenced everyone.

One of the most popular Italian TV presenters for a long time is back in vogue After her participation in the Grande Fratelli Vip it’s Maria Theresa Rota.

Over the years the beautiful woman has faced hordes of haters who They indicated that she resorted to plastic surgery To maintain her fitness and that her face was exposed to several interventions, she decided to answer clearly and He did this by posting sexy, unrecognizable photos.

Over the years, Maria Theresa Rota has managed to distinguish herself by creating a successful career, which is why there are so many The Italians are madly crazy about her, We know her path all too well, while as far as her life is concerned, she has always tried to keep a secret, even if thanks to her participation in a GF Vip we discover something more about her, she is married to a sports journalist. Amedeo Guri Who bore her the daughter of an actress and pianist Gwenda Gauri.

Her face is one of the most recognizable on television, and since it hasn’t changed much over the years, she has fought on several occasions against those who thought she had reconstructed herself, A decision that in the end it will be up to her alone, But despite everything he decided to respond to these attacks, What he did, however, left everyone speechless. Its features are completely distorted and unrecognizable.

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The radical transformation of Maria Teresa Rota

Maria Teresa Rota, as previously mentioned, is one of the women on the show with the longest career, and she took her first steps in this environment in the 80s where she made her first appearance on Rai in the history-making program Signorine grandi, it is here that she gave the start of her journey that saw her host and broadcaster In Mediaset.

Later, she conducted Caccia al 12 on Rete 4, a project that brought her great satisfaction and appreciation, In fact, he got his Telegatto promo in 1984.

After a period of silence, in recent years I decided to return to the spotlight and return to the game in a slightly different way than we used to see, so I participated in the Big Brother Vip, we saw it in an unusual, more spontaneous and intimate appearance, this It increased the love and appreciation the audience already had for herWith the lights back on, there was no shortage of cash. Especially with regard to plastic surgery.

Maria Theresa Rota

Maria Theresa Rota and completely changed that face

It was only in these hours that the famous presenter decided to share some really special stories on her Instagram profile, but in a delicate and playful way she wanted to. To silence the controversy he considers the protagonist.

It is displayed on social networks with Her face is completely disfigured, lips very swollen, cheekbones very high and full, It’s clearly a provocative filter that she says she’s used to fight those who keep pointing out that she’s turned to plastic surgery over the years.

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Maria Theresa Rota

Larota continues to deny these rumors From the haters who call it rebuilding and do it firmly Desire to be a bit provocative. Will this be enough to appease the persistent rumors that it is made of plastic?