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Marco Mingoni's first at San Siro is the victory of tears of joy

Marco Mingoni’s first at San Siro is the victory of tears of joy

Marco Mingoni is the first artist to come out of “

x factor

“Italy must perform in the courts. For someone it is a perilous challenge, in the evening, which instead the singer from Viterbo won without hesitation. Indeed, success where more noble colleagues stumbled: he presented with logic and in his own way the story, divided by Thematic blocks, able not to lose the nuances of the most intimate moments despite the large location as distracting as well as captivating when the rhythms rise.

Marco enters with a full sugar sheet, crosses the grass crowd, touches hands, and takes energy straight from the people to take on this new step in his career. The song has meaning.

change man

“That from the last album,”

Matter – Earth

“Maybe it’s the most important piece.” Only in religion changes a man.” So says the phrase. And the debt of the 54,000 in San Siro is really one that can change an artist’s life. So much so that Mingoni can’t hold back tears of passion.

Concert with strong black tones, thanks to the calibrated formats (the musical direction is determined

Giovanni Balotti

even on bass and sync) and a solid bar with four vocals to do backing sounds, also goes into the nodes of old tracks like “

human beings

In the new single “No Pressure” a six-element ballerina appears and the three large screens, two side squares and one oval in the middle, refer to Mingoni’s image alternating with the song’s video image. . Presentation concept by Mengoni himself but in collaboration with the team

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creative black skull

a studio in London that used to coordinate shows for people like

Elton John

And the

Dua Lipa

. And that the high level is immediately perceived. There is no shortage of scenographic effects, such as tongues of fire fired in time, stroboscopic lights in abundance (even too much) and

halo circular gears

A huge light ring with a diameter of 9 meters and a ton weight that descends from above to add to the lighting system with different inclinations according to needs. Then a cube out of the box appears in the middle of the booths which, depending on the moment, can embed or raise the Mengoni as the images stream down the sides.

The lineup moves between past and present. cover “

psychopath killer

By Talkin Heads

Believe me again


I’ll trust you

Confirmed as a piece of percussion effect even if the voice of the lady is missing, who will instead be a guest at the Concert for the Olympique on June 22 (along with

Giuliano Sangiorgi

And the


). He does not feel the absence of guests, quite the contrary. Mingoni is very good at focusing the emotional wave of the show on himself. The third part of the show is dedicated to the seventies, with one appearance

horn section

The singers relish their moments as heroes in a blend of soul classics before Marco returns to the stage for “



protect yourself from me


words in a circle

“And above all a very hot version of”


“Make this mass one of the most emotionally charged moments of the evening. Marco continues to grind piece by piece leaving the necessary minimum for words and letters of filler.

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In the central stage, the party rhythms drop along with the beats per minute of the songs, but this does not mean a decrease in tension, on the contrary, because warmth and emotion dominate. The audience appreciated and confirmed with a wide range of applause and screaming at maximum decibels. in “


“One of the dancers is serving as Georgia’s substitute. Mingoni seems to have gained a taste for the enthusiasm of the audience, and after a new tear-filled break, the regular group closed in with”


“.Obviously the challenge was won and the ending was all smooth with”

But tonight

” And the “

Ready to run

“To release remaining energy and release endorphins,”

I am waiting for you

” And the “

good life

“To say goodbye in the best possible way. It repeats in Rome and then in October with the Tour of the Palaces. But the feeling is that Marco Mengone’s stadiums can become a home to come back to.