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Marchignac rushed France: “Not seriously, they are also after Mbappe’s goal…” | Citizens

The storm does not subside Argentina and France, the World Cup final in Qatar, especially in trans-alpine lands. Polish governance is the focus of controversy Simon MarciniakAnd the Failed with 2 of the team On the penalty kick awarded a Mariawhich he allegedly denied swelling The goal is 3-2 Messi, with the Argentine bench players taking to the field to cheer before the ball entered the goal. This fact also raised Petition for a final replay.

What an answer! – But Marchiniak was not there, and in Poland yesterday he took the floor to defend himself and counterattack: “First of all, in order to be punished, this situation must condition the match, And what is the impact of the children who got up and jumped on the field? They manipulate. The French also failed to mention the photo which shows seven players on the bench on the pitch when Mbappe scores. “It’s not dangerous to look for these things,” said the Polish informant while showing the photo in question.

VAR doubts – Marciniak, however, revealed doubts during the match: the video assistant referee was convinced that the contact with Thuram in the 87th minute should be punished with a penalty, but a careful review of the images convinced the assistants, who thus decided to confirm the decision from the field.

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Hughes – Then Marciniak explained his embrace to Paulo Dybala And that a Kylian Mbappe: “After the match, Dybala suddenly launched himself towards me. He started thanking me as if I had scored the decisive penalty. Mbappe hugged me unexpectedly. He was very sad and disappointed by the defeat, it was a very human gesture. I also hugged him and tried to console him. I told him he was an outstanding player.” He won the World Cup four years ago.”