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March and Fuku Case – Use ‘Illegal’ fries to taste in the magazine

Horse meat, fuku and cashew marshmallow potatoes - Photo: instagram / mschf
Horse meat, fuku and cashew marshmallow potatoes – Photo: instagram / mschf

The Fuku Buffer fish, served as sashimi in Japan, tastes thrilling: made by inexperienced hands It is poisonous and can even prove fatalThis is because fish are high in neurotoxins. The March case (‘Rotten’) is a traditional Sardinian cheese Paul was infected with E. coli larvae, Its production will in principle be prohibited by law. Two extremely tasty dishes, most people do not have the opportunity to taste – or dare -. But now they are available In the form of convenient potato chipsNibble without the risk of leaving the feathers and without the worms swarming. Unusual snacks are part of a limited edition lineup Illegal chips, Was started by the New York art group MSCHF and offers three flavors of foods banned in the United States. The third is horse meat, which we eat without any problems, but in the United States it is considered a barrier.

In fact there is no trace of the original ingredient in the chips. Created using A combination of artificial flavors, So also suitable for vegetarians. The purpose of the MSCHF is often to challenge arbitrary traditions What can be considered food and what should not be considered, Based on prohibited and permitted concepts, proves that thanks to modern techniques of food science, it is possible to try certain flavors without actually consuming any organism.

In the poster attached to the illegal chips The Federation announces: “The difference between animals that are allowed to eat and those that are not allowed to eat is a social structure … technological advances free us from the petty worries of the past. The future of artificial flavors, A way to free food production from the detrimental effects of industrial agriculture on the environment and the total inefficiency of animals. Forget the fully automatic luxury communism, our advances in food science will lead us to the promised future: the full artificial luxury omnipotence.

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Illegal-tasting fries For sale online Delivered in the United States only, $ 12 for four packages.