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Mara Venier

Mara Vinier beats everyone in the Biagio Agnes Award in a shimmering suit

summer date with Mara Venere On running an evening dedicated to Biagio Agnes Award, one of the most prestigious journalism awards this year also saw Amadeus among the winners. Dia Mara grabbed the opportunity to dazzle in a sparkly jumpsuit, by baroshThe brand that signs almost all of its looks Sunday in.

Mara Vinier, Baroche suit

I quit the role of a desperate housewife In a little dress struggling with cleaning the balconyMara Venier grabs attention with her sophisticated evening look. She, too, was still afflicted with the power of the pant suit that crowned heads like so many, From Spanish Leticia to Kate Middleton, And choose the gig version.

In fact, the presenter chose to make the 14th edition of Biagio Agnes Award Glitter silver jacket and suit pantsBaruch signed. A cropped jacket with cream lapel and soft, shiny pants, the Venier pairs with an ice silk blouse, a perfect co-ordination for the suit’s shimmering metallic effect. At his side, Alberto Matano was dressed in a dark suit, as required by juvenile dress of the kind that first had the Piazza del Campidoglio as an exceptional backdrop. The two have a deep friendship, to the point that Mara celebrated the announcer’s wedding With Ricardo Manino.

Mara Vinier and Alberto Matano, a perfect couple

Mara Veneer’s look She shines in every sense of the word and on her Instagram profile, fans do not spare her compliments, finding, among other things, the professional couple with Alberto Matano.

“Hi Aunt Mara, I remember you around 2000 when in Mantua you gave a herb for a Tazio Nuvolari event in Mantua Try to make a good local mind yesterday as always Live Rainbow Families always wonderful and you 6 super godmother Big hug ❤️ ❤️ “. “What a beautiful couple?” “You are strength ❤️”, “Beautiful”. Who knows if Nicola Carraro, Mara’s husband, feels a little jealous of his wife’s appreciation.

What is the Biagio Agnes Award?

while, Biagio Agnes Awardwhich aired on Rai 1 in the late evening of July 5, was followed by 564,000 spectators with a 9.6% share, winning the most watched broadcast platform in that time period.

The Biagio Agnes Prize is a cultural event that has been organized since 2009 and has reached its 14th edition this year. The event represents a traditional public event that links the standing of famous names in the world of communication with an event that wants to promote and reward the profession of journalism in all its aspects. The Biagio Agnes Foundation is chaired by the Biagio Agnes Foundation, a non-profit cultural association that pursues primarily cultural purposes.
The running of the event has long been associated with Rai by virtue of the fact that Biagio Agnes was the company’s historical General Manager.

2022 Winners:

  • Economic Journalist Award: Alberto Orioli
  • Best Historian Award: Eliana Ciara
  • Radio Award: Youm Shah
  • Digital Journalism Award: Marco Pratelesi
  • Sports Journalism Award: Pierre Bergonzi
  • Journalist Writer’s Award: Firman Cosenza
  • Under 40 Award: Camila Mozzetti
  • Special Prize: Michele Guardi
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: David Robert Gilmore
  • International Prize: Mstislav Chernov, Evgeny Malolitka and Vasilisa Stepanenko
  • Political Journalism Award: Angelo Banipianko
  • Print Paper Award: Monica Gerzoni
  • Circular Journalism Award: Maria Corby and Francesca Sforza
  • TV Award: Amadeus
  • Television Journalism Award: Monica Magini
  • Fiction Award: Blanca with Maria Chiara Giannetta, Giuseppe Zeno and Pierpaolo Spollon
  • Film Award: The Di Filippo Brothers

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