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Many simply use cotton buds but this is the perfect way to clean the ears

Many simply use cotton buds but this is the perfect way to clean the ears

You no longer have to use cotton buds to clean your ears! This will be the old grandmother’s remedy, which will help you remove dirt.

From an early age, we learn how important it is to always maintain proper personal hygiene. Especially in this period, where always having clean and sanitized hands is very essential.

How to clean the ears. Credit: Adobe-Stock

Among the many Body parts must be carefully cleanedone in particular is often overlooked or even completely improperly cleaned, as we’re talking about earsIt is an essential part of our body that we do not pay due attention to. Often, in fact, and in a very hasty way, we think that just rinsing it in the shower is enough and leaving the water on is the best solution. In fact, this is not the case at all, on the contrary, the more we go to wet it, the more infections and annoying problems we encounter.

Only in this way will you be able to clean your ears properly: you will avoid annoying problems

Especially after long periods not done, it will be very important performance ear cleaning. More will be delayed This process and more we will go match to shape annoying problemsof between it ear infection And the earwax plugs, which will also prevent us from listening properly. The least amount of earwax, it will be very important to put it in the ears, this waxy substance is actually ideal for protecting the inner parts of the ear and preventing dirt, germs and bacteria from getting there. But if the quantity increases significantly, it can cause few problems.

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clean ears
Clean the ears. Credit: Adobe-Stock

one of the Methods most popular used to cleaning subordinate earsis the use of classic piece of cotton (Cotton swab), one Exercise Seemingly harmless, but who – which In fact no will head Start he didOr rather, it should not be done incorrectly.

In fact, what we usually do is take a stick and stick it directly inside the ear. Here, this particular gesture is considered very dangerous, not only because it tends to push the earwax down, but also because if done too forcefully it can damage the eardrum.

But How do you clean your ears then?? The first thing to do, if you really want to use the cotton swab, is to pass it only and exclusively in the ears and never inside.

Once done, you can also try a file Prepare a simple mixture with warm water and gentle soap. Use it to disinfect the outside and reach the mouth of the ear canal directly. Once you have washed everything well, dry it carefully with a clean towel and that’s it.

Make a habit of doing this at least once a day and you will avoid annoying problems. Also, if you go to the beach or pool, try not to keep your ears wet for too long, but dry them every time you get out of the water.