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Many people buy flights and hotels on the web and then ask for a "travel permit" from the agency, as Fiavet - Chronicle does not fit

Many people buy flights and hotels on the web and then ask for a “travel permit” from the agency, as Fiavet – Chronicle does not fit

Trento. Fiavet Trentino Alto Adige, a representative association of Confcommercio Trentino’s travel agencies led by President Sebastiano Sontacci, is the spokesperson for the many reports from its members that in recent weeks has seen an increase in the attitudes of clients turning to an agency to request a “travel permit” after purchasing hotels or Plane your own for destinations in the tourist lanes.

“The only ones who can guarantee maximum safety while staying abroad are travel agency professionals – as President Sebastiano Sontacchi explains – as confirmed by the clarifications received by the government last week regarding the Covid tourist corridors. – It was offered free of charge on a trial basis with the decree of 28 September 2021 and in effect until January 31, 2022.”

“To ensure what is stipulated by the decree of the Ministry of Health, that is, conditions of maximum safety during travel and during stay abroad” Sontacchi continues, “it is necessary that all services are obtained through travel operators. It is possible to travel for tourism to destinations by purchasing accommodation Only in the structure selected from the tour operator and buy the flight independently or vice versa. It is not possible to stay in structures managed and sold by private hosts, not even by booking directly or through Internet platforms that bring tourists into contact with the host and buy air transport only from the tour operator “.

“Flights to destinations in the Tourist Corridor countries (or Aruba, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Dominican Republic and Egypt – limited to the tourist areas of Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam) – adds Vice President Viafit Trentino Laura Bolgia of the Trento agency of the same name “must be managed exclusively from before the tour operators, and health insurance should always be provided to cover the risks associated with Covid-19.”

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“In this regard, in order to facilitate checks by the responsible persons, the organizer (tour operator/travel agency) will issue to the customer, who wants to go to one of the ‘Covid-free’ destinations, the ‘Tourism Corridors’ Travel Card, a document containing In order to leave, in addition to possession of a vaccination or refund certificate, swabs must be taken before departure to the destination and back to Italy, as well as upon arrival at the airport on the day of return to our country and complete the digital form to locate the passenger , which can only be guaranteed through careful and careful regulation by the travel agent.”

Under certain conditions, such as localization unit, green lane, buffer before return, you can also travel to other countries (those in list D of the law such as Australia, Canada, Japan, Jordan, UK, USA, etc.) but in order to be sure of any restrictions, Even when entering these countries, it is always advisable to contact travel agents.

“Contacting a professional travel agent at this time – concludes President Sonatchi – is even more important if we consider the possibility of managing positive cases of Covid, and their possible contacts with them, during the period of stay abroad, so it is always necessary to provide special insurance policies among the various services of organized travel ».