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Manila Nazzaro dopo il GF Vip 6 critica Katia Ricciarelli e Giucas Casella! Ecco le sue affermazioni

Manila Nazzaro after GF Vip 6: Katia Ricciarelli and Giocas Casella slam! Here are his statements

Manila Nazaroteis a very popular TV and radio presenter and a former model was one of the Ansar Undisputed sixth edition From Big Brother Vipaired on Canale 5.

Although this has already been completed for a few months, Nazzaro continues to trace her indoor experiences with former gieffins in several interviews. One in particular turned out to be particularly interesting, the one that was released in the weekly Chi.

During the interview, in fact, Manila Nazzaro in addition to declaring that she is not one of those who hate reality shows and distances herself from them, chest also from formulations He especially criticizes two characters With whom she lived the experience inside the house of the older brother.

Who are we talking about? to Katia Ricciarelli And the Geocas Casella.

Manila Nazzaro’s comments about Katia Ricciarelli

During the adventure that lived inside the house of GF Vip 6, Manila Nazzaro held for a long time Friendship with Katia Ricciarelli. The relationship, however, has skewed and seems to be final, due to the behavior (as Nazzaro states) of Ricciarelli with which she is so disappointed.

Manila Nazzaro, television and radio presenter

Today, Manila came back to talk about it in the weekly interview with Che, who claims that He repents bitterly of opening his heart to Katia Ricciarelli. Great disappointment emanates from his words, as he considers a close relationship with a woman a one-way friendship. From his words there a so sorry: “If I go back I will never be able to reach her and open my heart to her.”
A friendship that ended badly, which at least for the time being does not seem to be able to see the light of day again.

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Manila Nazzaro also against Jucas Casilla

However, Nazzaro’s criticisms did not end with those directed at the opera singer. Women, in fact, always in the same interview advertised After he was also disappointed by Italian prankster Giocas Casella.
Regarding his account, Nazari says that Casella “He is the greatest player.” s.According to the Italian broadcaster, he and Ricciarelli “They are foxes compared to the entire crew.”

Fortunately, she also brought with her her fond memories of this experience. An example is Jessica who considers her a crazy woman and claims to love her very much.