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Maneuvering, new pressure on income: this is what is at stake

Maneuvering, new pressure on income: this is what is at stake

Women’s Choice, Lift Bottoms, Loosen Grip on indexed checks 100% From 4 to 5 times the minimum: Comes in the majority to expand networks maneuver But the question of resources always remains decisive, so much so that the hypothesis of pressure on basic income appears cancellation facilitation For those under forty Following modification by Third pole.

Maneuver, new pressure on income

Therefore, the government continues to weave the fabric of maneuvering, and in the meantime, the issue of tax breaks accumulated on superbonus With transfers to banks and insurance companies likely to go from two to three. The fact is that the executive branch is grappling with a different knot, which remains to be resolved, and the list of requests is really wide. Starting, specifically, from an introduction annuities. Come on, Italy It is not intended in any way to retreat In the fight on the rise minimum.

Annuities, FI in pressing

For the blues they are “Necessary” – Repeats the parent company in the financial statements Robert Bella – Increase in the minimum pension a 600 euros from the age of 75 years and decontribution “at least 8 thousand euros” Concerning the recruitment of under 35 years old. And in the end, it probably will be blue They managed it Mark it.

But, meanwhile, the government is also working to preserve wires With the opposition’s most talkative segment, Action and 4, also on the union front. Interest which, according to what is said, would have aroused interest in amending the Third Pole which, as mentioned, would hinder the income of the citizen from less than 40

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Tensions with the opposition

But time tightens The internal comparison continues between majority parties. So much so that the centre-right, reunited, managed to break parliamentary etiquette by not appearing in committee and incurring an incident that outraged the opposition. Theand Pd with M5s and Avs Comes to take over the presidency in protest. And the majority have to apologize.