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Maneskin sends 28 thousand fans into a frenzy, and the beginning with an uproar: "Shut up and good" opens the concert

Maneskin sends 28 thousand fans into a frenzy, and the beginning with an uproar: “Shut up and good” opens the concert

In Lignano, the Romanian band waits for sunset to take the stage

Lignano. At 9:30 p.m., to the tunes of “Zitti e Buoni,” the song that introduced them to the world, Maneskin took over the stage. Beginning in all-white for Damiano, with a white dress and a pearl necklace on his bare chest, and Thomas, who wore only the cuff of a black jacket, while for Victoria, a black corset dominated the white pants and also Ethan, a white shirt over black and white trousers. A long rocky night that we will remember for a long time in Lignano.

Lignano delirious, The Maneskin opens the concert with “Zitti e buona”

Exciting start at sunset, half an hour after the original program only to wait for the perfect postcard and make the most of the show by the lighting system befitting of great world rock bands.

After all, Maneskin’s in Lignano is an international event that lies midway between zero date and a stage of a live tour that travels the world. The sale that was taped at Teghil Stadium turned out to be a multi-colored party that for many began very early in the afternoon, but lived in great fear.

Simon de Luca

Lovers of Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas are very young, in many cases less than teenagers, but accompanied by their parents in their thirties. A crowd of protesters filled the stadium.

Few, partly because of the humid heat that prevailed today, those who dared seem particularly eccentric, somehow try to imitate their idols, and many opted for jeans and T-shirts, a classic of concerts. Shortly after 20, a cool breeze began to give those present some relief.

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Simon de Luca

And everyone was already up at about twenty minutes past nine in the evening, when technicians began to take over the stage. As the minutes passed, the adrenaline and volume increased. They are the Manskin people, from the Manskin phenomenon.