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Maneskin, Damiano and Georgia Soleri in crisis? Indiscretion after those posts accused of racism

Maneskin, Damiano and Georgia Soleri in crisis? Indiscretion after those posts accused of racism

Posted by Damiano David for his girlfriend’s birthday Giorgia Soleri Make the fans melt. Followers unfamiliar with the Maneskin frontman’s private life posts went mad at the photo of the two men in party-ready outfits. “Baby,” that’s what Damiano calls it. But according to rumors it seems that Things are not going well between Damiano and Georgia. On the contrary, it seems that a storm is blowing.

In fact, according to what we read in Dagospia: «Despite moving into a house together, there is a rumor in recording circles that there is an air of crisis between them. Reason? It is said that internationally in particular, her releases are not very popular and will harm the group’s career».

Manskin, Georgia Danger to the band?

And the Romanian squad can’t stop now. After the amazing year of 2021 (TTo the victory in Sanremo to the victory of Eurovision, from success in the charts around the world to the opening concert of the Rolling Stones) Maneskin starts 2022 where they left off, with a great concert in the US: the group will play Coachella 2022, especially on April 16 and 23, the days when it will be star Billie Eilish and Megan Thee Stallion will continue the stage, Stromae, Brockhampton, Disclosure, 21 Savage and others a lot. “Can’t wait to dance that stage,” they wrote on Twitter.

Damano and Georgia in crisis?

There is no confirmation from those directly involved, what is certain is that these days have not been easy for the model. In recent days, Giorgia has been at the center of a strong controversy on Twitter for some posts that have been judged racist dating back 6 years. Soleri herself wanted to silence the gossip by dedicating stories on her Instagram to the issue, and apologizing for picking it up. About certain traditions or characteristics of other cultures or religions. In one, in particular, she appeared wrapped in a scarf and wrote, “Eh no raja, I’ve become a Muslim.”

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Posts accused of racism

But there are many. In another picture, she filmed herself recovering from behind, and wrote in English that she had a little “big ass”, emphasizing the clear shapes of her back. In another photo, she is wearing a Japanese kimono and playing with two fans. You can find them below, which were collected on Twitter by a user. “Yesterday there were some screenshots of old Twitter posts that used racial insults or cultural appropriation,” the girl wrote. “It’s social media posts or profiles other than this, and it’s been about 6/7 years, so most of you probably aren’t aware of it.”

Georgia’s apologies

In this regard, Soleri wrote: «Yesterday on Twitter there were some screenshots of old posts in which I used racial insults or made a cultural appropriation. It’s social media posts or profiles other than this, it’s been 6/7 years, so most of you probably aren’t aware of it». A friend of the Maneskin captain said she was sorry and then added: «I do not wish to harm or motivate other people in the communities directly involved. I take responsibility for what I said and did, I don’t want to hide it».

“I made a huge mistake, I’m ashamed”

«I’ve made a huge mistake, I’m ashamed and I want to apologize to those I’ve hurt for my mistakes as an ignorant and distinguished young person.»Follow Soleri. Which finally makes it clear that she has changed a lot: «I am no longer the person who wrote these things Now, he just hopes “You can feel how deeply I’m sad.”.

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