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Mandatory vaccination for people over 60?  Hypotheses in the Government Schedule to Oppose the Omigron Variation

Mandatory vaccination for people over 60? Hypotheses in the Government Schedule to Oppose the Omigron Variation

Of duty Super Green Boss He is yet to work on the table of choices to be made by the Council of Ministers this afternoon, but there are many difficulties in implementation, especially in the private sector. So at the pre-cdm control room meeting, it was decided to postpone it, but in any case, to increase the audience of those committed to the Super Green Pass, insert more than sixty and “weak”.

Super Green Pass to work and work smarter, Drake-Brunetta Summit. And the green light comes from the regions

In fact, it is a vaccine duty because those who are weak and over sixty must have passed Super Green and not just go to a restaurant or cinema. Mario Draghi, on his return to Rome, made the remarks yesterday afternoon with Ministers Roberto Sporanza, Patricio Bianchi, Renato Brunetta and Commissioner Francesco Figliulo. In the view of the Committee of All Ministers, but above all the meeting of the Control Room with the representatives of the parties. The differences in the majority are not insignificant and the tensions are mounting, and Quirinal is suffering from immediate competition. The M5S and FI met with their respective staff yesterday to evaluate hypotheses extending the Green Pass. Blues is an extension for all private and public employees. The Democrats are in the same line and insist on duty, while the M5S swings and asks for refreshment for those who may be subject to closures or limitations.

Lega is at odds with the introduction of the Green Pass, especially for the private sector, including the autonomous. But Prime Minister Drake’s assessments are technical at first, which is why today he will explain to the parties the important issues of a rule involving private work. Even if the rules do not change, Minister Brunetta’s opposition is “generally easy to use to work intelligently, even if everyone in the house should be.
Therefore, starting from the 950 thousand employees of the public administration who have not been affected by the vaccine duty to date, nothing can be done for the hypothesis of improvement in conditions (except health, law enforcement and school). Moreover, some doubts have already arisen in this regard, dictated by the fact that this type of measurement is relatively impactful, and only about 10-15% of these public servants have decided not to approach prophylactic treatment.

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Unlike what will happen with the introduction of the Super Green Pass to all 23 million Italian workers, it will affect about 2.5 million workers who are not currently vaccinated.
Two hypotheses that have been considered possible in recent times, equivalent to various bureaucratic barriers, clearly reduce the form defect that does not precisely affect more than one million people over the age of 60. Just as they have had no effect on the 4.2 million people over the age of 60 – this time – despite access to the booster campaign before many – have yet to reach the third level.

For this reason precisely yesterday the opportunity to introduce a kind of temporary vaccination duty returned to the table. A lucky formula, also proposed by the regions yesterday, which plans to complete the vaccination cycle (booster included) for all vulnerable subjects.

From before the governors – who returned to meet the government today – were not only the most discussed proposals about the new rules about dad at school and precisely the weakening vaccination obligations (and the substantial right to a possible extension). Super Green was sent to all workers) but prepared for the administration of the fourth dose and, above all, calculated the number of hospital admissions differently, excluding the calculation of hospital admissions for other reasons.
Also, among the measures under review would be a redefinition of the provision allowing companies to temporarily replace laid-off employees without a pass if they want to extend the Super Green Pass to workers. Today this is only possible for companies with less than 15 employees, but a deal can also be found for larger companies. Depending on the interest of these activities, an employee may need to be replaced, so it may take time to adjust, and measure the effectiveness of the rule: from January 24 or 31. A minimum time delay does not preclude bookings and does not prevent vaccination centers from going into inconvenience.

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