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Mandatory green permit for public servants?

Mandatory green permit for public servants?

With the arrival of the compulsory green passport from August 6 for social activities, the discussion has been about the possibility of mandatory public sector workers And even Draghi himself assures that over the next fall, rulings on the matter could arrive.

In the meantime, there is talk of leaving in September with offices open and the question of whether or not it is mandatory for not all teachers, but also all public servants. The question is this: Will the green card become mandatory for public officials or not? What does Italian law say about it? Does mandatory green lane mean mandatory vaccination?

What does the law say?

With regard to the mandatory nature of the green passport for public officials, the law increasingly referred to for understanding what to do and what not to do is the Civil Code relating to labor protection and conditions of the latter in the workplace.

Specifically, theart. 2087 of the Civil Code Concerning the protection of working conditions, it permits and obligates the employer at the same time to adopt all measures – depending on the particularity and specificity of the work itself – necessary to protectPhysical and moral safety employees.

Art interpretation. 2087 of the Civil Code

The matter is controversial, because this article means on the part of the employer binding To prepare all useful measures, according to science and experience, to reduce the risk of accidents (and thus infection as well) for each employee individually, on the other hand, there is also talk of Integrity and moral well-being of the individual Factor.

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This means that the integrity and moral well-being of the employee, when he is an employee, must be also protected In spite of everything, perhaps this generalized commitment may not go in that direction. in this meaning, There are those who suggest alternativessuch as awareness campaigns.

What do the government and trade unions say?

However, the Payment from the government toward civil servants tends to have to return to the office. Prime Minister Draghi spoke of smart work and the fact that public servants should be tempted to return to the office. This line is also followed by Minister Renato Brunetta, who wants to push public servants more and more Back to the office.

Confindustria Which trade unionsIn the meantime, they are pressing for a revision of some standards. Given that the green lane can be obtained not only with a double dose of the vaccine, but also after recovering from COVID-19 or getting a swab for less than 48 hours, the solution to not making vaccination mandatory could be Make tampons free, given that its cost is one of the critical issues that an employee may encounter problems in the workplace.

The decision is up to the teachers

To understand how the situation will develop, we must first wait for the decision on the teachers. Indeed, if it is decided to introduce a vaccine obligation for this category of workers, prevention measures can rapidly expand to all other public occupational areas as well.

In particular, prevention measures should be further implemented in all of these public offices Where contact with the public is frequent and distance cannot be guaranteed.