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Manage your savings the smart way with Illimity

Manage your savings the smart way with Illimity

One of the most effective ways to save is to allocate a percentage of your earnings once it is deposited into your account.

If you also have savings goals you want to pursue, infinity It could be the perfect bank to choose. In addition to restricted deposit accounts, Illimity offers among its features the possibility of setting up spending projects.

thanks for the Unlimited Projects You can set a goal and decide how much to put into your dreams, whether it’s your next vacation, buying a dress or just accumulating how much you want to save to pay taxes.

In the “Projects” section, you can customize the time and method you prefer without attaching amounts. In fact, you can transfer project amounts to your checking account or to another project whenever you want, instantly.

Unlimited accumulation methods

Manual or recurring payments

In addition to making payments manually, Illimity offers the ability to set up recurring payments by choosing how often to set amounts aside. You will also receive suggestions for completing projects on time.

rounding expenses

One of the ways illimity offers to facilitate the savings process is the possibility of Prepare rounding calculation. This way, you can allocate a fraction of the amount for your project to each account created with the Illimity account.

Share with a friend

The third option includes the ability to ask relatives and friends to contribute to your project by sharing it with them.

infinity It also contributes to achieving your goals with an aggregate annual rate of 0.5% on the amounts you save on projects. The accrued interest will be paid once a year on the current account, and thanks to the partnership with AmazonIt will be possible to convert the amounts accumulated in spending projects into gift vouchers, and get 3% more.

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