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Malignani Athletics celebrates its champions: 70 winners


Malignani Athletics Festival.

Six blue shirts, seven participations in international competitions, nine Italian titles, five new regional records and up to 43 regional champions in all categories. These are some of the successes of Athletica Malignani Libertas Udine 2022, which were celebrated during The event was organized at Palaindoor Ovidio Bernes in Udinethe winter home of Friulian athletics.

there The Udinese Champions Award is back in attendance It witnessed participation not only by the management of companies and athletes with their families, but also by authorities and representatives of institutions. From the President of the Regional Council Piero Mauro Zanin to the Regional Councilor Mauro Di Pert, up to the Mayor of Udine Pietro Fontanini and the Sports Councilor Antonio Falcone. Also present were the engineer Gianpietro Benedetti representing Daniele and Vidal’s delegate Massimo Di Giorgio.

One year, 2022, as it happened Society president Dante Savorgnan explainedwhich is characterized by the prolonged absence of the main plant, Dal Dan School field, unusable due to restoration work on the track and platforms. Savorgnan explained “works which were to be completed in the fall and which were to be continued into the spring”. However, the company has found some Valid alternatives using systems from neighboring countriesalbeit with some inconveniences due to transportation.

However, we can look positively towards 2023, when the new school camp availability will also addOpening of the new headquarters, next to the historic Paderno factory. A new headquarters that will serve as a reference point for the 500 members – all for competitive activities – and their families and a large number of coaches and managers, about fifty people.

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From the point of view The sporting year ended in September with participation in the absolute club championship in Palermo. The Malignani Athletics men’s team, led by juniors who were also champions at the World Cup in Cali, Colombia, clinched promotion to the Silver Series, while instead The women’s team, with so many new entries, failed to hold the category by a hair’s breadth. But beyond team performances, 2022 brought several high-level individual results. Start by sharing the hammer drivers David Fatullo and Alessandro Ferroglio As well as deca Alberto Nonino In the U-23 World Cup in the blue jersey. For some time students Mario Vecchiato On the national team, along with other pitchers such as Henry Saccomano In discus throw, U23 Mediterranean Games champion as well as Italian champion and as a student Giada CabayeWho won the title in the Italian weight category. Satisfaction also for the hammer operator Nadia MafuA: Despite training in the United States, I managed to wear the national team jersey.

“our Six blue shirts fill us with pride“But they are only the spearhead of a movement after nearly 60 years,” explains manager Andrea Altrio, who is back for a year at a club that saw him born from a sporting point of view. The establishment of the company still manages to be at the head of the state. Out of 500 members of all ages we have over 40 regional champions and it would be unfair to mention just a few. For 2023, after promotion to Serie A with the men’s team, we are aiming for new ambitious goals. The The boys dream of being able to compete with the thirteen top teams in Italy And we will do everything we can to try to grab the Italian League. In our short term plans there is definitely making the team more aggressive. Thanks to our technical heritage, a group of trainers with an incomparable level and experience, We firmly hope that the project will be successful“.

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