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Mahjoub: "With the delay of vaccinations and / or unemployment recovery plan at 17% by the end of the year."  Especially the south is in danger

Mahjoub: “With the delay of vaccinations and / or unemployment recovery plan at 17% by the end of the year.” Especially the south is in danger

Job losses in Italy could be higher than it was before the epidemic 1.9 million workers, In the event of delays in vaccination campaigns and spending of funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), with an unemployment rate that It will jump from 10% to 17% by the end of 2021. Annoying data pops up from Italy report Sustainable Engraved. “ The counties with the most job losses – you read a note – will be that Tourist With the largest sectors affected by the slowdown in international trade. The unemployment rate could be as high 20% in Rimini, 18% in Prato 15% to Venice, Florence, Austa, Livorno and Milan.

And “social impacts will be consistent everywhere, with Regional differences cannot be neglected. To suffer – text continues – will be over all the southern provinces like Messina, Trapani, Vibo Valentia, Catanzaro, South Sardinia and Agrigento, already have very low social sustainability indicators and above average effects on employment, but also tourism and business areas in the north such as Rimini, AostaLivorno, where the worst losses have been estimated nationally. ”Moreover, the impacts can be” particularly severe “on youth in regions where the number is higher.Boys who neither study nor work (Nate), Like Messina, Trapani, Sassari.

In addition to the potential employment consequences of the pandemic, the report examines the level of the disease Economic, social and environmental sustainability From the various Italian provinces. Bolzano It stands out as the most sustainable Italian province from the point of view Social and environmental e Milan At the Summit for Economic Sustainability. The map is considered 280 indicators Of sustainability. In general it stands out positively 17 excellent provincesIt has a high and balanced level of sustainability e On the contrary, 22 provinces are showing strong weaknesses In three dimensions. In general, one stands out A gap between north and south Inflated by the epidemic emergency, as the poorest provinces in the south invest less in social services and in protecting the region.

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The Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility spoke about this Enrico Giovanini Who said in the presentation of the report: “The gap between North and South is very strong and that is why it exists as well Unprecedented share of resources allocated to the South. According to Giovanini, when thinking about infrastructure, it is necessary to take into account what will arise around it otherwise “we will not have the hoped-for impulse in economic and social well-being. That is why, at Pnrr, in agreement with Minister Carfagna, we provided money for Special economic zonesAnd “we have modernized the last mile that connects ports with airports to the transportation infrastructure. Already today Construction companies Infrastructure speaks the language of sustainability, in terms of choice of materials, designs and more, ”added Giovanini.