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Magician Kvaratskhelia and Super Osimhen, Fly Spalletti

Magician Kvaratskhelia and Super Osimhen, Fly Spalletti

Three goals In the first two matches in the Italian Serie A, two goals to take out Monza. Or not Insigne masterpiece With a right turn, then a leave embroidery After a drunken dribble: those who watched Napoli play in the first two days of the tournament realized that phenomenon: Kvisha Kvaratskhelia. The Georgian talent is 21 years old and has all the qualities to become a the best player. He was the one who dragged Spalletti To success, two pearls added to twinkle Osimene Which turned into a bitter afternoon Galiani (in the stands) e Berlusconi. It would also be true, as the Italian coach said on the eve, that Naples It is less powerful than last year, but it has not been noticed on the field yet. Especially if you look in perspective, the future looks much brighter: for a team that combined two successes in these first two matches, they still need to be added NdombeleAnd the raspaduri And the Simeone (all off the bench with Monza), awaiting the final listing of olivera And the decision on the goalkeeper, with Keylor Navas Still far away (Giuntoli dixit) and with Merritt So far up this occasion.

Kvaratskhelia, what a show!

As in Verona, the Naples He always had the lead of the game. Dominated possession, hit when accelerating up front and never defended: 14 shots to 3 in the first half dominated Giant Anguilla He was the extra man in midfield. Spalletti had to wait a long time to open it, because before the goal it was a masterpiece Kvaratskhelia Napoli lost a lot with Lozano And at least three times with Osimene. The Nigerian, as his unstoppable habit, also sent the double ball to the stars before finally hitting the center, before the break, with an accurate diagonal low shot.

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Kvaratskhelia fascinates Maradona: poker Napoli and Monza ko

Maradona’s birthday

Monza did little, who lost Andrea to injury frog (Leaving the field on a stretcher) He did not find any vitality Capri And the betagna. For the former great, the header has been canceled by mouse And a little more, Stroppa didn’t even have great references from Sensi and the alternatives Molina And the Valotti. Naples, on the other hand, could spread with unleashed Kvaratskhelia (author of the trio at the start of the second half) and with Osimene. Spalletti took the lead with oliveraAnd the DiamondAnd the zerbinAnd the politano And the Unas, got Poker from the head from Kim In full recovery and finally took clap Maradona. He found first place with all the points and the fans excited again: not a bad start to the season.

Napoli – Monza 4-0: match report and statistics

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