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Macron Le Pen sharpens their weapons in front of the TV duel


Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen sharpen their weapons on the eve of the duel on television. So that the mistakes of 2017 do not multiplyWhen she failed head-to-head against her opponent eight years younger than her, the National Rally candidate has now disappeared from circulation. At first, some newspapers wrote about her intention to retire in Normandy, to the house of one of her loyal supporters, to prepare for the most anticipated showdown in the race for the Elysee, but she denied this. “I will work on the debate from my house in a completely natural way, as I have prepared all the other radio programmes,” he said on France Bleu radio.

And during the second last poll Ifop-Fiducial for LCI, Paris Match and Sud Radio, Macron continues to lead in voting intentions, with 55% support given Sunday’s poll, versus Le Pen’s 45%, so the national candidate is preparing for the challenge together. With a group of loyalists: Prime Minister Renaud Labaye, deputy campaign manager Jean-Philippe Tanguy, and his closest political advisor and son-in-law Philippe Olivier. Besides the candidate also the so-called “Horace”, A group of senior officials who are retired or still working, and who support them For seven years now. From the economy to defense to Europe, an ally of Matteo Salvini will review with them the different themes of the campaign and study the best replicas to be put into the duel against Macron. France Info quoted one of his advisors as saying that more than a “technical” preparation is a “psychological one that has an almost mathematical character.” As decided by the lottery, she will be the first to speak During the live waiting period scheduled for tomorrow at 21.

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Five years after the first victory at the Elysee, the confrontation also raises concern in the field of the outgoing president. “Le Pen is starting so low that everyone will want to rehabilitate her even if she is very poor,” Macron warned of the camp. In the presidential majority, almost all of them are convinced that the skeptical defiant of the European Union “will be better than it was in 2017,” when she shrugged off a position she herself considered too aggressive towards Macron. Since then, Le Pen has tried to give a more “calm” image., as opposed to an opponent who instead intends to describe him as the “chief of chaos”. For the taxpayers, tomorrow’s confrontation will be “double-edged”, in which the president has to “say what he wants to do”, and at the same time ask Le Pen about his projects and their level of feasibility. “For too long – the majority leader regrets – – we let Le Pen cultivate this Beautiful new picture of a housewife taking care of her cats“.

Meanwhile, after artists, intellectuals, lawyers, and major Jewish institutions, various voices in the Catholic world are calling for a clear stand against the National Assembly candidate, while The Episcopal Conference (Cef) preferred not to take a stand. “Much more than in 2017, the candidate Le Pen has the potential to win this election,” warns Father Christian Delorme of the Diocese of Lyon, in an entry published in Le Monde. Another vote for the so-called “Republican Front” to block the advance of nationalism towards the Elysee.

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And In light of the June legislatures, The leader of the radical left Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who took third place in the first round with more than 21% of the vote, appeals to his compatriots: “Elect me as prime minister. Not for Macron or Le Pen, but for the French who elected me.”

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