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“Macron cancels the diplomatic corps”, storming Paris – the last hour

(ANSA) – PARIS, May 31 – Poisons, protests and a strike loom in the Quai d’Orsay, the French foreign ministry, as diplomats and staff members were called to cross their arms on June 2 against a contested reform of the High Public Administration. Commissioned by President Emmanuel Macron, which they described as a “brutal repression of the French diplomatic corps”. A very rare fact in the usually reserved and silent world of the Paris Foreign Ministry, which struck only once in its bicentennial history, in 2003.

In sight is a high civil service reform that Macron implemented in April. The reform was now published in the Official Gazette, and created a new body of state officials who were no longer dependent on a specific public administration, but, on the contrary, called for regular changes of positions during their careers in the service of the republic.

In essence, a distortion that would allow for greater flexibility in the appointment of ambassadors is not liked by many. For diplomats – about 700 are directly involved – this translates into the merger of two historic bodies of French diplomacy by 2023: Ministers Plenipotentiary (including ambassadors) and Advisers on Foreign Affairs. Even the recent appointment of a career diplomat, Catherine Colonna, to head the ministry did not manage to calm morale. (Dealing).

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