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M5s, Grillo: ‘Zombies have infected us, but in the end we will win’ – Politics

“There is no favorable wind for those who don’t know where to go, but sure the wind is always unfavorable for those who go against the tide. We know we have to fight zombies who do everything. To defeat us or even worse affect us. And so: some of us have fallen, many have suffered. We are here to fight. , not to stay, and our diversity is unsettling for zombies. Pepe Grillo writes on his blog. We pity those of us who fell unable to resist the epidemic of zombies. “But above all, we thank those of us who fought and are still fighting. It’s time for some to do it with uncertain strength, because only in this way can we win against the zombies, slave of Rome, respect to those who serve bravely and selflessly, good luck on their journey! Let’s unite!

“After 14 years of political activity, I am forced to leave the 5 Star Movement. For me, this is a very painful and thoughtful gesture for a long time. I have never hidden my disagreement with the leaders of the movement. Managing failure. The vote of confidence in the government, really opened a crisis. , then ridden by the centre-right for electoral purposes.”. He writes on Facebook Former leader of the M5s in the Chamber is David Crippa. “I no longer understood the political project, so unstable, so unstable and so often contradictory that it made me lose sight of the common horizon that united the movement,” he adds.

“I have reflected a lot in recent days on the causes and consequences of the fall of the Draghi government, and I can only notice the irreconcilable differences between my path and the one taken in recent weeks by the 5 Star Movement that I am leaving. Today”. The announcement was made that day Minister for Parliamentary Relations, Federico de Inca “Dragyi recalled that he had explained in the appropriate forums the dangers that would have exposed the country in the absence of a vote of confidence in the government. In my opinion, it was an irresponsible decision that I did not accept and that I tried to avoid until the end “.

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