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"M5s are like that, my life is doomed" - Libero Codidiano

“M5s are like that, my life is doomed” – Libero Codidiano

Apologies from Luigi de Mio To Lodi Mayor Simon Uketti, He was released after 5 years of arrest because “no truth”, at least they did not trust the former Economic Development Minister Federica Guidi. But the queue can continue. In recent days, the foreign minister has apologized to Uketi and all the politicians who have come under the 5-star crossroads over time because they only came out clean because they were involved in some investigation. And not only. Even those who have never been interrogated are often interfered with From the Pepe Grillo movement. Guy is one of them.

As Courier della sera, The periods of the Renzi government when he left Investigation into Temba Rosa, a large oil extraction center in Basilicata. The investigation that provoked Grillini. Guy was not even questioned, and it never was. Was his partner at the time. However, in March 2016 the minister resigned. Five years after Pentastellati was called “a new Dangendopoli” and then ended up with the archive, Guy is still excited and does not want to remember anything of that period.

When he learned of De Mayo’s apology, he was not satisfied. “I can not even read some things anymore, I do not know why the man did this operation, but I fear that the spirit of the times is still rational. However, in my opinion it would be better if I had it, I was light years away from those people, light years … “, he would have told his friends. Courier service. It is still: “That story ruined my life, He is in danger of destroying me personally ”.

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