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Uber Eats: il pranzo arriva su robot quattroruote…in autonomia

Lunch arrives on a quad robot…independently

Do you live or work in Los Angeles? Blessed are you, but no matter what, know it From today you can have some robots on four wheels to make your lunchAnd Equipped with self-driving.

Uber EatsThe Uber-born food delivery service put two robots on four wheels to work In the city of Los Angeles. The two robots, for the small number of “running” in the field and for the technology, are still “immature” allowing the robot to orient themselves to the chosen destination, They will only make a few deliveries, Starting with highly selective dealers. Eats

Uber Eats will utilize robots on wheels developed by Serve Robotics (a startup born out of Uber) capable of Travel short distances in West Hollywoodbut also Hyundai’s self-driving cars that, thanks to Motional technology, will allow deliveries to Santa Monica. Eats

Serve robots have a playful appearance, and are yellow-gray and white with clearly distinguishable LED eyes on their front, to make them more sympathetic and possibly “human”. The shape resembles that of a miniature shopping cart and is close to the heroes of the movie Wall-e. Once the robot arrives at the delivery site, Buyers will be able to pick up food with a special code. Eats

It must be emphasized that robots are designed to move independently on their own path but if there is a need, in the case of difficult traffic or to overcome sudden obstacles, The company host will take control of the Postman So as to allow a successful delivery.

Likewise, Hyundai cars are able to drive completely independently on the designated track but on board There will always be a working driver This is to drive the car the “last mile” and make sure the food is delivered. has been selected by the new Google News Service, if you want to be up to date with our news
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