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eclissi di luna 16 maggio 2022

Luna dei Fiori Eclipse, all ready for the extraordinary spectacle also visible in Italy

In May, our satellite puts on a show: the moon of flowers will be completely obscured by the sun. The lunar eclipse, also partially visible in Italy, will begin at night between May 15-16. An inconvenient alarm, but an unmissable show

here comes flower moon: On May 16th, our satellite will be in full swing and will give us another show, a wonderful total eclipse, partially visible even here in Italy. Watch the sky at midnight, between 3.30 a.m. on May 16 (the beginning of the semi-final phase) and 5.50 a.m., when our satellite, already in eclipse phase, turns into sunset.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to admire the maximum surviving eclipse because the moon in our latitudes at that time will be below the horizon. But don’t worry: the live stream is ready for those who really don’t want to miss anything from this natural show.

What is a lunar eclipse?

a’Lunar eclipse It occurs when the Earth’s shadow, illuminated by the Sun, completely or partially obscures the Moon and when the latter is in its “full” phase while the Sun and Earth are in that order.

In other words, the sun will illuminate the earth and cast a shadow on the moon that will appear red Because of all the components of white light, our atmosphere only allows this component to pass through. This is, of course, if the eclipse is total.

This phenomenon is called Raylette scatteringIt is the same thing that makes the sky appear blue during the day and red at night.

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When and how do we observe the lunar eclipse on May 16, 2022

This amazing phenomenon can be seen in part from Italy. This is partly because at the most extreme satellite eclipse, our satellite will be below the horizon. But we will be able to continue the broadcast.

here you are all times To determine (in the map, the sky of May 16 at about 5:20 a.m., just before the moon disappears below the horizon):

  • The eclipse begins at 3:32 a.m.
  • Partial eclipse begins at 4:28 a.m.
  • The total eclipse begins at 5:29 a.m.
  • maximum eclipse h 6:11
  • maximum eclipse h 6:53
  • The partial eclipse ends at 7:55 a.m.
  • The eclipse ends at 8:51
Lunar Eclipse May 16, 2022

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Is the full moon of May 16, 2022 a super moon?

According to the original definition of Superluna formulated by the astrologer Richard Noll In 1979, a full moon or new moon would have to come at 90% of its closest approach to Earth to be defined as such. In other words, a supermoon is a moon whose distance from Earth is 361.885 km (or less), measured by the centers of two celestial bodies.

As we read on UAIMay 16 is 362,127 km, so technically it is not, even if the definition of Superluna is questionable and has never been formalized beforeInternational Astronomical Union).

In any case, the slightest difference could make our satellite appear larger anyway because it is closer to us.

However, remember that the full moon in June will be “much more”, which is expected on the fourteenth of the month.

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Lunar Eclipse May 16, 2022

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Because the full moon in May is called the flower of the moon

This full moon is called in the American tradition since then The full moon of the month of spring par excellence in the northern hemisphere. In fact, it was very common to find flowers such as blue bell, primrose, violet, etc., in addition to abundant plants. The Apache and Lakota peoples also called this moon green leaf moonWhile the Mohawk tribe Big Leaf Moon.

All eyes were directed towards the sky (and then a little on the PC) at night between 15 and 16 May.

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