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Lukaku, message to Inter: "I am thinking of Chelsea."  Free loan plan

Lukaku, message to Inter: “I am thinking of Chelsea.” Free loan plan

The Belgian striker wants to return to Milan at any cost, and is ready to make his move to impress the Blues

Romelu Lukaku wants to return to Inter. And he is ready to deal personally to find a solution with Chelsea. Good help for the Nerazzurri, who will voluntarily welcome Big Room in Milan, But only on loan and under certain economic conditions. This is how the . writes Corriere dello Sport: “The sentence he said, reassuring. ‘I’ll take care of convincing Chelsea’: This is the message Romelu Lukaku sent during the summit between CEO Marotta and his trusted lawyer, Sebastian Ledore. […] Inter cannot buy it back and will have to “snatch” the free loan from Chelsea. In the meantime, for a year, then we’ll see. Romelu with the blues shirt doesn’t want to play anymore. At least as long as Tuchel on the bench“.

Inter cannot deal directly with Chelsea and will remain behind the scenes, publicly defining the process as “impossible”, “fantasy” or “fantasy football”. He has Lukaku by his side fighting for a happy ending. The Big Rom is now the biggest insurance Inzaghi and Marotta can have. And be careful, the case with a loan does not have to be finished by June 30. If this happens, Romelu can take advantage of the growth decree and there will be significant tax cuts on Inter. However, if the former No. 9 gets a free loan in July or August, they will still welcome him with open arms at the Viale della Liberazione. His gross salary would be more than 3-4 million, but the obstacle would not be insurmountable. At least compared to the leap in quality that the team would have with a central striker capable of scoring 64 goals in two seasons at Milan.“.

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How will Lukaku get the free loan from Chelsea when the Blues amortization fee is about 24 million? Quite simply, he will confirm that by sending him 12 months to Inter, he will save the Blues 12 million net plus 3 bonuses. This year, just to give an example, I collected 13, a total of about 25. By the way, the share of consumption. The London club’s new ownership would prefer to close the case by selling Romelu: Bayern Munich, if they bid farewell to Lewandowski, and Barcelona, ​​if they don’t buy Lewandowski, may be interested. The giant, however, has eyes only for Inter. Marotta and Ausilio have a good ally and the outcome of the case is less clear than logic might lead us to believe.“.