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Ludenz, the new issue of Italy's best gaming culture magazine - . is available

Ludenz, the new issue of Italy’s best gaming culture magazine – . is available

It is our pleasure to report the publication The second number (Actually the third, considering the number 0, but let’s not get skilful) from Ludens, best magazine video game culture In Italy. By reading it, you will not find the classic contents of video game journalism, but thematic articles, that is, on a topic, different for each issue. Let’s see the cover:

Ludenz, cover of issue 2

we read Official description For the Ludenz project:

LUDENZ is an independent video game culture project that moves through the convergent contents of a paper magazine and online multimedia channels.
A project of creative practices and ideas focusing on the potential relationships and intersections between the human player and the digital universes.

LUDENZ is a project without journal, able to grow with the support of those who embrace their cultural vision and believe that a culture of creative thinking, analysis and writing should continue to make its voice heard in unison with the video discussion. and dos.

for every Buy Ludenz, or to learn more about the project, visit official site.

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