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Luca Silvestri salutes Posillipo: The doors of Westcliffe University are open

Luca Silvestri salutes Posillipo: The doors of Westcliffe University are open

education. Inspires. Empowerment. Will follow this path, McClure and not only, Luca Silvestri. It’s time to receive compliments and new prospects for the Napoli water polo player, who is leaving Posillipo. Come Gianbero de Martir NS Jacobo Barilla, the defender born in 2002 will study in United State. water polo player doors Westcliffe University.

“I am leaving on August 17th for harbor beach (Where the famous TV series is set OC)”, says the red-green athlete (no longer). The warrior’s helmet is the emblem of the prestigious university, as if reminiscent of the typical cap of aquatic football. Silvestri notes that “on September 2 the orientation for choosing a degree course begins.” Four-year (Olympic) stars and stripes have been announced. “It will be a wonderful experience in a beautiful city,” the company says with conviction. Young European Champion. In the neck and on the billboard she won a gold under the age of 17 Tbilisi, in a Georgia, in August 2019, by defeating Spain 10-6 (with teammates: Salerno player Roberto SpinelliAnd Jacobo Barilla and aquachiarino Daniel DiGregorio).

“I didn’t feel like participating in the World Championship in Class A PragueI was going to be late, United States of AmericaSilvestri explains. It is inappropriate to delay an already scheduled flight. “I am excited about this new adventure, even if I leave my family and friends. This is an unmissable opportunity to definitely try. And I will only know how it goes on the site,” Luca admits. Lessons, pool, exams and training. “Their way of studying is ideal to combine sport and study,” confirms Napoli with his passport in hand.

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vacation time. Mykonos Popular destination with posillipini. on an islandAegean Luca Coratoli (Silver on the platform in the sword when Olympic Games From Tokyo), Marco de Costanzo (Bronze in 4 without inches Japan) and Luca Silvestri. Then Sardinia NS Banaria Water polo player in Naples. to educate. Inspires. reinforced.