Saturday, July 20, 2024

LPG and CNG are out in full force, and at this rate they’re throwing them in your face for free


This way you will have a lot of incentives: Buy a methane or LPG car right away

One of the most important topics of that period is that From air pollution. In fact, our lifestyle habits affect the environment, deteriorating the quality of the air, and therefore also the health of those who breathe and live in it.

There are many strategies being implemented at the political and individual level as well to try to stop polluting emissions and encourage environmental regeneration. Examples are alternating license plates in city centres, or i Traffic ban for some vehicles Particularly polluted.

On the other hand then, Specific incentives are proposed To purchase innovative, less polluting vehicles such as those powered by liquefied petroleum gas or methane, or electric cars. Below are the following incentives, which were officially announced last May 25 in the Official Gazette.

New incentives for LPG or methane vehicles: retrofit bonus

Last May 25, new car incentives 2024 for those wishing to install Methane or LPG fuel systems On your car. It is called the “Retrofit Bonus” and is effective from June 19, 2024: starting at 10 a.m. yesterday, in fact, it is possible to obtain accreditation through the distributor area, and at a later date, the start date of the reservation of your contributions will be determined Be known . Unlike other incentives, that’s why No scrap necessary Old vehicle and ISEE is not taken into account.

See also  Agreement on the contract. Since December also arrears

Availability of upgrade bonus 800 euros discount To move to methane e From 400 euros To transition to LPG. The basic requirement is to have a class M1 car with an emission class of at least Euro 4. Furthermore, the discount is only valid for the first installation of methane or LPG systems and not for the replacement of old systems.

New incentives for LPG and methane: there is something for everyone (

How is the conversion done?

To convert your car to methane or LPG, you must have a gasoline car, as this is the only car this process can be done on. Installation cost varies Depending on the car model: Usually, the ones that cost more cost around 3 thousand euros for methane and 1500 euros for LPG.

The actual space available inside the vehicle should be checked: in fact, the LPG tank and the methane tank, They take up space and increase mass Total vehicle, so it is necessary to understand whether the installation of these systems causes the loss of the passenger seat.


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