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Low popularity - Il Tempo

Low popularity – Il Tempo

Omigran threatens to plunge the United States back into a dream of a full epidemic, its legislative agenda almost permanently abandoned by its own party member, and as inflation continues to raise prices, Joe Biden is set to end his first year at the White House. In the worst way. Add to this the fact that, in foreign policy, what was considered a major defeat in the exit from Afghanistan led to the country returning to the hands of the Taliban, all the elements that led from this summer here. The president’s popularity has plummeted from 54% in April to a historic low of 41% today. This is the lowest rate since 1945, at this point in their first term in office, including that of Donald Trump. Given the turbulent and tumultuous years of the previous Trump administration, the point of this administration seems to be that Biden failed to deliver on the key promise he made to the White House – half of which made the United States breathe. A sigh of relief and a good part of the international community – the ability to restore order and manage things.

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In the last weeks of this year, Biden seems to have reneged on this promise again, with the return of the Govt front to full emergency and, above all, the most important part of his plan for recovery failing. Senator Joe Munchin, one of the Democrats who has held Fiden’s legislative agenda hostage for months, has declared he does not want to vote for Built-back Better. Cold rain on the president’s hope that $ 1750 billion in social and environmental spending will be approved by the end of this year. Dear leftists, To renew America and its lame presidency.

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Before Govid, and the violent, sudden, unexpected eruption of the Omicron variant, Biden immediately ran to cover up, urging the nation not to fall into “panic” with a speech, recalling that “we are not in March.” 2020 “, now there are vaccines and boosters to protect us. I know you’re tired and frustrated, we all want this to end, but we’re still in it,” the president added, thus referring himself to the political and public health web of a recurrence of the epidemic. ” This is a real issue for Fiden, who started his presidency by saying that we will be free from Govt by July 4, this has not happened and we are still fighting it, which will make his life more difficult, “Ian Bremmer, chairman of Eurasia Group, told the Gzero Group website.

The consequences of Manch’s drastic political defeat on Biden are even more serious, further weakening the president and the Democrats in view of the already insidious by-elections next November. The internal struggle between moderates and progressives did not hide the frustration caused by Biden’s failure to comply with the policy of the ‘New Green Pact’ in his first year. We must not ignore the immediate, far-reaching but far-reaching catastrophic impact of the immediate effects on Biden in the Senate, where Democrats have a majority only with the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris. If he loses a senator, Dem will thus lose control of the Senate, and as soon as the Republicans broke with the White House and the party for this reason, Senator wanted to do an interview with Fox News. Conservatives in the United States have begun to persuade Mansin to change his shirt. Hard times for the US president.

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