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Lotus will develop batteries with Britishvolt and show the following electric sports car profile

Lotus will develop batteries with Britishvolt and show the following electric sports car profile

At the end of 2021 Lotus announced the discontinuation of its historic models such as the Elise, Exige and Evora, but we know the blueprints of the Heathel house all too well, and In the future of Lotus there is only room for electric carsThat is why the house invests time and money in this direction.

And the first fruits arrive today, with Signing a cooperation agreement with Britishvolt. The British company is cementing its position as the UK’s electric car battery benchmark, and is completing a £5.1 billion Gigabyte plant through which it will New battery packs will be developed and produced To be adopted on the future sports models of the Lotus range.

And speaking of new models, the house of Hethel has gone very far in introducing A first draft showing the silhouette of his next sports car. It’s a drawing that shows the few but basic lines of a car, which in some ways summons the Esprit . profileEspecially in the shape of the front, which points towards the asphalt, and in the back, with pointed shapes. The roof is very low and the wheel arches look very powerful.

Returning to the opening topic, the collaboration between Lotus and Britishvolt is facilitated by the proximity of research and development facilities in the West Midlands. Speaking about the deal, Lotus CEO Matt Wendell said:We are pleased to collaborate with Britishvolt to develop new battery cell technology to demonstrate the exciting performance that the Lotus EV sports car can deliver.“.

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He added: “These are the exciting first steps on the journey to an all-new electric sports car from Lotus, and another step in the shift towards sustainable, renewable electricity stored in batteries. Last year, we committed to Lotus to a purely electric future, and in the first month of this year, we announced another significant step on that journey.“.

In fact, we remember that in the coming months there will be a presentation of the Type 132, the new all-electric Lotus SUV that will use active aerodynamics.