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Lotto and SuperEnalotto extractions today June 10, 2021: winning numbers and odds

Lotto and SuperEnalotto extractions today June 10, 2021: winning numbers and odds

Live streaming of Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10eLotto extractions Today Thursday, June 10, 2021 and the winning numbers in the three Italian lotteries. Starting at 8pm, we will know the winning numbers in the last raffle in Lotto The lucky sestina SuperEnalotto Today, which is worth 38.8 million euros. refresh this page To follow the results of today’s draws and the winning codes in the Simbolotto draw.

Once you know today’s Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10 eLotto numbers, Lottomatica and Sisal will publish the odds and winnings of the three Italian lotteries.

Lotto extraction today June 10, 2021: results

Barry: 72-6-63-79-86
Cagliari: 56-2-43-30-78
Florence: 87-82-63-17-51
Genoa: 20-5-3-44-59
Milan: 19-78-38-33-82
Naples: 16-30-62-77-36
Palermo: 4-66-33-30-61
Rome: 88-82-60-32-69
Turin: 61-60-67-51-4
Venice: 14-25-35-74-54
National: 57-84-15-58-47

The lottery draw returns today, Thursday, June 10, 2021, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: the date set with the Italian lottery is waiting for many players. Lotto winnings can be calculated directly online on the website of Lutautomatic, where you can check the coupon. On the page dedicated to Code You can check out the winning codes in today’s draw.

SuperEnalotto draws on June 10, winning numbers

SuperEnalotto winning combination: 27-37-42-44-76-83
Jolly Number: 50
Superstar Number: 25
Grand Prize: 38,800,000

The result of the last SuperEnalotto draw today Thursday 10 June allows you to win the jackpot of €38.8 million, an increase compared to the drawing last Tuesday. On the official website of SuperEnalotto You can check out the winning numbers in today’s raffle.

Today’s SuperEnalotto odds, last tie results

On the official website of sisal It is possible to find out the odds, winnings and all the results of the last SuperEnalotto draw:

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Points 6: none
Points 5 + 1: None
5 points: none
Points 4:14 you win 156.17 euros
Points 3: 484 won 15.97 euros
2 points: 4,655 won 2.29 euros

10eLotto numbers are combined with today’s Lotto drawing رسم

10- The eLotto numbers for the evening draw are: 2-4-5-6-14-16-19-20-25-30-56-60-61-63-66-72-78-82-87-88
The golden number is 72, the golden number is 6-7