Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Look at the new curfew orders: because everything changes in May


The countdown to the reopening of the Italian territories began, which would be determined by the government control room, which became the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, By Health Ministers Roberto Speranza and Mariastella Gelmini for Regional Affairs and representatives of the majority parties. In the next few hours, if the information about the infection is comforting, move on to moving forward. Curfew 22 to 24 for areas returning to the yellow band. This can happen as early as Monday or as recently as April 26th. As a result, the ban on crossing the regional border will be lifted. All of this is happening as the EU accelerates the Green Pass to travel freely in Europe.

With the restoration of the yellow areas, the reopening of restaurants and pubs for dinner with outdoor tables, theaters and theaters should be guaranteed from the beginning of May. After a few weeks, activities for gyms and swimming pools should resume. An ambitious project that can be expected if the number of players decreases these days Infected, Hospitalized Govt-19 death. Its goal is to completely abolish the curfew order before summer arrives, to allow all high school students to return to school, and to open stadiums for at least a thousand fans. On the other hand, Prime Minister Drake should extend the state of emergency until July 31 because the government has never given up on prudence.

The incoming results are linked to the Rt index of the virus’s spread, with new positive events per 100,000 people per week, as well as improvements. Vaccine campaign. Regions, according to the newspaper Ambassador, They put forward their demands. Importantly, with the return of the Yellow Zones, the immediate reopening of restaurants (two meters away from the house and customers and at least one meter outside) until the evening, Curfew Order 24 (no longer at 22). If the data allows, this proposal will be accepted by the government. This also applies to gyms and swimming pools, cinemas and theaters, outdoor events and shows. On the other hand, if the trend of the epidemic in the last week is not allowed to loosen the grip, the green light will only affect restaurants with doors, cinemas and theaters. For pubs, closing at 6pm should be a ban on selling drinks to those who are not seated at tables to avoid the effect. Move; When there are swimming pools and gyms, exhibitions and events, they have to wait two or three weeks for departure.

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