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Logistics and startups: new solutions and technologies for transportation and the sharing economy

& Horbar. Startups play a major role in logistics innovation. This is also because the solutions provided by new players are able to respond quickly to the emergence of new needs

Startups play a very important role in the world of logistics: they contribute significantly to the delivery of innovation.
research done byGino Marche Logistics Contracts Observatory that it 501 startup, attempts to describe this world and the role they will gradually play or will play in the logistical landscape.

Meanwhile, there are four college classes. It is located around:

New players in the field of logistics Ensures innovative logistics services (160 startups that have raised a total of $2.986 billion in funding);

Platforms for the intersection of supply and demand for logistics (88 startups and $1.423 billion in loans);

Software Innovation (168 startups, financing $1.864 billion in 2020);

Hardware innovation (85 startups $3.284 billion in funding).

In order to identify areas of innovation Suppliers The research focused on: last mile distribution and new transportation technologies as well as on the sharing economy.

The last mile, between sustainability and automation

Logistics startups are able to offer solutions that adhere to critical issues that have emerged during the lockdown period. 65% respond to increased demand for distribution-related services in the last mile. Some startups want to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries through the use of electric bikes and lockers or boxes, while others are developing automated solutions for urban distribution by creating partial fulfillment Center.

Innovation in transportation technologies

Explore too new transportation technologies, is an area closely related to the borderline between logistics and start-up, especially if you think about it Opportunities offered by drones.
In this context, efforts are directed towards increasing the range and distance that can be traveled. Startups are exploring the potential for supply deliveries door to door With fully autonomous drones, or to combine traditional air travel with drones for last mile deployment.

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sharing economy

Nearly 30% of new logistics operators provide solutions for digital development Based on sharing economy. In the context of this recent economic model in which assets and services are shared between individuals and which includes platforms that allow users to connect with asset owners – technology plays a leading role and research has shown how this business trend is growing promising.
In logistics, resource sharing is the principle on which it is based The role of logistics providers.