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LND eSport, partnership con HRS per la crescita del movimento

LND eSport, Partnership with HRS for Movement Growth

LND eSport along with HRS to accompany the Pro Club to the highest levels in competitive games

A few days after the start of the programeCupdigital football quiz Pro Club in competitive 11v11 The biggest in Italy, ready for the second day Tomorrow evening, we are evaluating the situation in the current e-sports season with one of the most important network partners who, after the first experience he experienced last year, has renewed itself in cooperation with the FIGC National Amateur Federation. A busy season has already registered another growth in terms of membership and approvals, thanks to Creative Champions Agencyworking in conjunction with LND eSport, In the management and communication of major tournaments and tournaments that have already been activated or in the stage of organizing.

Talking about the project is Fabio Sfondrine, HRS Account Manager and Partnera communications agency with skills on Social Media Live Coverage that will also follow LND eSport’s live events on the occasion of scheduled tournament finals and major tournaments.

Another season together and a lot of work to be done due to the significant growth of the movement: “IFirst of all, I thank President Santino Lo Presti for the renewed confidence. We are proud and honored to be able to collaborate again with LND eSport and hope that this partnership will become more and more solid, year after year. I am convinced that what is happening is the result of all the hard work of the actors participating in the project in the previous season. A common goal that led us to reaffirm and strengthen the entire team, introducing new follicles with a desire to continue to pursue the idea of ​​”tracking” real football while maintaining the values ​​that characterize the sporting disciplines. Of all the resources involved, I would like to especially thank Alessandro Lancini in charge of the administration”.

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Last week, the eCup press conference was held in Rome, in which, also thanks to your important contribution, the contribution of VPL and Giuseppe Bifulco (collaborator with Palumbo & Partners adv of Salerno) reached an extraordinary participation of 64 teams. Where do you think this 11 against 11 of the NLD, which elevates affiliation with historical Italian clubs, and above all amateurs, could stand?As mentioned before, we have one goal, and that is to create a parallel world for ‘analog’ football. In fact, the 11 vs 11 mode allows us to expand the concept of a competitive video game by creating a whole series of new characters that revolve around this digital universe; Just think about what is actually happening in Asia or the United States where export events are on par, if not higher than those at peak times.“.

The Champions will be at the center of an important year-long commitment that will travel from Twitch live with official representatives, to the weekly FriDay Live Show, the entertainment container for the world of LND eSport. How would you describe this form of entertainment that, since last year, has been able to be so successful?
As you correctly defined it, it is an entertainment container based on a social platform that the new generations already know. Obviously we’re talking about Twitch, the social giant born primarily of gaming but has already included many other facts that go from YouTubers to the same football clubs that have also created an official channel on Twitch. “.

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For years, in addition to marketing and organizing events, I’ve been on the cutting edge of competitive gaming. What is the general budget that you would like to do?What I feel is that thanks to LND eSport we have been able to start giving life to a whole series of projects that we have been dreaming of for some time. Today we continue to grow, aware of the fact that we still have a long way to go and hopefully we can continue it together. To do this, maximum commitment is required from everyone, as teamwork is essential to achieving goals. We are convinced that this game mode is absolutely the best to represent the sport of football on a virtual level and we will work in this direction to engage more and more people.“.

What do you think should be central to the future of the discipline and esports movement?
LND’s entry into the digital landscape has created a new opportunity for virtual football competitions, bringing with it the organization and values ​​that the sport has always held. Esports is currently the most comprehensive form of socialization, in fact it provides equal opportunities for all players. Therefore, it is inevitable for organizations to get involved in the health and safety talk. With the development of esports-related events, the way users carry out their gaming activities has also evolved, in particular: the quality of the gaming environments, the work environment of the stations, the brightness control, and the game pauses along with the physical activity that helps improve performance. There are many issues to work on – concludes Sfondrini – that we are already working on with the aim of educating these and future generations in the world of video game export, and we are proud to be able to make our contribution thanks to LND eSport“.

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