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Live weather report - Cold invasion from Russia is underway.  Low altitude rain, thundershowers and snow.  Status and forecast for the next few hours

Live weather report – Cold invasion from Russia is underway. Low altitude rain, thundershowers and snow. Status and forecast for the next few hours

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Unstable in southern and central Adriatic region with low altitude rain and snow The minimum low pressure formed following the arrival of the cold wind of Russian descent to Italy is determined. Marked instability In the Adriatic and southern regions. Heavy rain and local thunderstorms from Friday evening affected not only Abruzzo and Molise, but also Campania, Puglia and Basilicotta. Snowfall continued to fall overnight, extending as far as the plains inland in March and almost as far as the plains in the Abruzzo region, as well as lower mountain elevations in the Campania, Mollis and Luganian Apennines. Real storms have hit the Molise Apennines. Naples woke up with snow Vesuvius And on phyto, scales in Avelino. An irregular cloud associated with some intermittent clouds, with snowfall up to mountainous heights, has also affected western Piedmont, where there is currently weak snowfall and the Venetian dolomite sky is clear. The weather in Tuscany, Umbria and Upper Lazio has returned to good or fair, while there is some thickening in Lower Lazio. Variation in Sardinia as well.

The next hour is evolution – The flow of cold air is active Depression cycle Gradually migrating from the lower tierhanion towards the ionic region. With the exception of coastal Campania and southern Sicily, the weather is remarkably unpredictable in the mid-low Adriatic and almost all of the south. Rain, thunderstorms, local hail and snow are still expected uphill or lower. Events will gradually ease starting in March but let’s look at the forecast in more detail.

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Saturday weather in the next few hoursNorthIrregular clouds in the northwest, most compact in the lower Piedmont and associated with occasional snowfall of up to 400-500 m, with no event other than local thickening in Romagna. Center, Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo. The sun sets over the Tyrrhenian region and Sardinia. In the evening it will improve in March and Umbria. South, Widespread instability with rainfall, precipitation, local thunderstorms and snowfall of up to 500-700m, but less than 500 m between Campania, Mollis and Basilicotta. More variation in northern Campania and southern Sicily. Temperatures Decreases with widespread frosts in the plains at night in the central north, Wind Northern Studies with Seas Very undulating.

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Even in high pressure conditions, at the peak of summer, thunderstorms suddenly form and surprise us, short, localized but sometimes intense: they are called. ‘Heat storms’ Also more in the afternoon and early in the evening.

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