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Live weather forecast - Revives rain, snow, cold, strong winds, bad weather.  Situation with photos, videos and forecasts for the next few hours

Live weather forecast – Revives rain, snow, cold, strong winds, bad weather. Situation with photos, videos and forecasts for the next few hours

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Bad weather with low altitude rain, wind, cold and snow – Since entering Italy on Friday evening, The center of the cold air Led to widespread conditions of instability. In the northeast, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany and northern Marche received heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, with more than 40 mm accumulating in the province of Massachusetts. . In the first phase, snow fell in the northern Apennines up to 1000-1100 m, and in a storm in the Romagna Abyss Accumulate up to 30cm Then the altitude dropped sharply and hit the Tuscan-Emilian and Romagna Apennines 500-600m before midnight snowfall.

When Strong Bora wind They blew the wind over Trieste and the upper Adriatic 100 km between Rimini, Ferrara and Ravenna There was also considerable damage.

Bad weather at night gradually loosened its grip on the Northeast and Emilia, distributing thunderstorms and rain in the Apennines and Adriatic regions. The Tyrrhenian region of Tuscany saw very low winds, with occasional intermittent events, while there was some rain in Lazio, as well as moderate rainfall between Rome and the southern part of the region. The snow level has dropped further In the entire central-northern Apennines up to 400-500m, but in the Romagna Apennines with chapters up to 200-300m.

Finally, in the morning it reached Campania, Molise and northern Puglia, and even in the background of the storm it rained heavily. Snow is maintained in these areas and is currently maintained at 700-800 m to 1000 m in Campania. Snow mixed in Cambodia. Very low in Abruzzo with one Nice snowfall in L’Aquila. Significant accumulations in the March Apennines With peaks of more than half a meter.

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At the same time, the sky was clear over the entire north, except for a few more staples on the border of the Alps and the Romagna Apennines. Sun in Sardinia when the first glaze and layers are announced Upcoming degradation It will take place in a few hours in other parts of the south and in one part of Sicily.

Evolution of bad weather in the next few hours – A very complicated situation has developed. After the apparent entry of cold air from the Bora Gate, the flow of Arctic currents moved in two directions. In part it flowed westward into the Tyrrhenian Sea, during these hours approximately giving the lowest possible pressure in the Gulf of Quetta, and in part it slipped toward the mid-lower Adriatic, which fed to the second minimum located north. Carcano. These two minimas work in unison and refresh bad weather in the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian region, especially in the south. So there are two extremes to note, which are connected to the Adriatic low, which renews bad weather in the Middle East, bringing constant rain and snow to low altitudes, and connected to the Tyrrhenian minimum. Calabria and Sicily reach Campania and Basilicotta in the second half of the day. Late cold currents also bring rain, thunderstorms and snowfall up to hilly heights. Only on Sunday nights and on Sundays will the two low pressure areas coalesce into a single depression and remain in the Ionian region. So let’s look at the forecast

Next hour weatherNorthMost of the morning snowfall along the alpine border and most likely sunny except for a few last scales of 300-500m on the Emilian and Romagnolo apenines. Center, Mostly sunny in Sardinia and gradually sunny in Tuscany and Lazio, with the exception of the last cases, with snowfall of up to 300-500 m in the Lazio and the Apennines. The Adriatic region is covered with rain and snow up to hilly heights, with low altitude inland and abundant, thunderstorms in Abruzzo. In the evening it will improve in high March and in Umbria. SouthIntensification of instability in Campania, Mollis, Buglia and Basilicata, followed by showers, thunderstorms in Calabria and northern Sicily between noon and evening, occasional hail and snowfall up to medium-low mountain elevation in the evening (400-600 m). Temperatures In the Adriatic and in the south, steady or slightly below elsewhere. Wind Strong hurricane cycle Seas The exposed shores are agitated and swollen.

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