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Live / USA vs. Hungary (Final score 9-7): Americans win the gold medal!

Live / USA vs. Hungary (Final score 9-7): Americans win the gold medal!

LIVE USA Hungary (Final Score 9-7): American Gold Medal!

Use HungaryVery final 2022 Women’s Water Polo World Cup, eventually saw the Americans win the gold medal with a 9-7 victory over Hungary. The Americans found strength for a decisive stretch in the third quarter, a 3-1 stretch that brought the sectional final to 7-4. An attempt to send the Magyars back down 2-3 in the final quarter was futile, but despite the cheers of the Budapest pool, the Americans confirmed themselves as water polo world champions for the third time in a row and the sixth time. adj by Fabio Belli.

Live USA Hungary streaming video and TV: How to follow the final

there live from Use Hungary, the final of the 2022 World Women’s Water Polo Championship will be clearly guaranteed to everyone on the remote control’s channel number 58, i.e. Roy Sport + HD. This is also the Live streaming videoThrough Rai Play website or app. Click here for USA Hungary vs USA Hungary live streaming video on Roy Play

USA Hungary (result 4-3): Americans advance

Use HungaryVery final 2022 Women’s Water Polo World Cup, the Americans led 4-3 in the first half. At the end of the first quarter it was closed to 2-1 by the Americans. The Magyars try to rely on the home crowd but the second quarter ends at 2-2, with the USA very careful not to get caught in defence. Teams make small mistakes, and it’s a chess game that the Americans win thanks to the minimal advantage. (adj. by Fabio Belli)

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A few minutes to go Use HungaryLet us briefly recap the journey of these two nationalities 2022 Women’s Water Polo World Cup. It was all easy for the USA, who beat South Africa 24-2, Holland 11-7 and Argentina 23-3 in the group stage, resulting in their elimination from the round of 16 and a 13-8 win over Spain to resume their journey. quarter-final, then clearly defeated Italy in the semi-final (14-6). Hungary’s journey has certainly been more adventurous: Group wins over Colombia 35-4 and Canada 11-7, but a 10-9 loss against Italy also pushed the Hungarians into the playoffs, where they won 23-6 against Argentina and entered. First eight.

Hungary scored victories in the quarter-finals against Australia (7-6) and in the semi-finals against the Netherlands (13-12), a dream to play in front of friendly crowds, but against an even stronger team in the world. Will the prediction be thwarted? We’ll soon find out, and the USA-Hungary finals are actually starting now! (Update by Mauro Mantegazza)

Albo d’Oro

as USA direct from Hungary, it will be very interesting to see the honor list of the Women’s Water Polo World Championship. The USA is firmly on top thanks to six world titles won in Showcase 2003, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2017 and 2019, even better when you consider that we account for 50% of all editions. . They are 14.

On the other hand, Hungary also has a remarkable heritage and has been crowned world champion on two occasions, i.e. in 1994 and 2005. Precisely during the second world champion victory of the Magyars, in the Montreal 2005 edition, there was only one. The USA were ahead of Hungary in the World Finals and they beat the Europeans 10-7. However, over the past 17 years, the U.S. has won five of seven World Cups, three consecutive Olympic golds since London 2012, and silver in Beijing 2008. Lately, the finals haven’t even been held because America has always dominated: Hungary has the task of turning things around … (updated by Mero Montecasa)

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Final for gold

Use HungaryIn direct From the Alfred Hajos Swimming Stadium in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, final of 2022 Women’s Water Polo World Cup That is played 20.00 Today, Saturday 2 July 2022, between the US warship and the hosts of Hungary, the real game will also demand public support to break the years-long “dictatorship” by the US. In women’s water polo, which has featured three consecutive Olympic golds since London 2012 and the same number of world golds in a streak that began in Kazan 2015, we’ll find out today if it turns out to be a poker run.

Hungary has a great tradition in water polo and is growing more and more in the women’s field, as evidenced by last year’s bronze medal at the Olympics, although it would take a real feat to beat the United States, which even the home factor won’t do. Even easier. The United States can take a cue from Italy, who defeated Hungary in this 2022 Water Polo World Cup. Both among women Both in the men’s competition. So Americans are favored by duty, but what to do USA direct from Hungary?

Live USA Hungary: Results and background

towards USA direct from HungaryWe can examine the situation visually Final of the 2022 World Women’s Water Polo Championship Using our Setterosa as a reference point. America They beat us 14-6 In Thursday afternoon’s semi-final, Hungary lost against Italy by a narrow margin (10-9) and also in the group stage. However, this distance comparison gives us a dimension of the balance of power: the Magyars lost against Italy, never before against America.

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From a certain point of view, losing Hungary gave us a small advantage: it is true that Italy was exempted from the second round, then the fourth was easy against France, but the path was stopped against the USA in the semi-finals. Hungary is at least confident of silver. A 7-6 quarterfinal win over Australia, then a 13-12 semi-final win over the Netherlands, but this perspective reveals the contrast with the USA, which has always won by at least four goals. Throughout the tournament. The Magyars have assumed the role of big favorites beaten by surprise, requiring a 1954 World Cup-style achievement for Hungary: otherwise, the dominance of the Stars and Stripes will continue…

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