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LIVE TMW - Luis Enrique: "Non ho rivincite da prendermi con l

LIVE TMW – Luis Enrique: “I have no revenge for taking with Italy: I decided to leave Rome”


Unless it’s a match between Italy and Spain, the Red Furies coach speaks at a press conference at Wembley, Luis Enrique.

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on unavailable “Laporte didn’t train yesterday but simply recovered. He preferred to recover, but they are all available. Sarabia No, he didn’t make that trip. Everyone is fine, then everyone wants to be on the field tomorrow night.”
When the turn passes “I want to give value to this passing the round. It is impossible to underestimate the opportunity, we are not experts as a national team, to be in the semi-finals and how we did it… Now tomorrow’s match is a great opportunity, the players will have time to think about the match. There is a great goal ahead of us. And we have to be one hundred percent.”
In the game Italy “It’s a basic argument, we are among the leaders as possession but they also want to dominate the game. It’s the first battle to be won on the pitch, they are good even without possession and we saw that during the tournament. They are comfortable with the ball, if we have to play another game we can Adaptation but we prefer to have more ball.”
On the hunger of Spain “I’m not going to talk about hunger but about a group that wanted to be part of the starting line-up. I don’t know if it was hungry but it’s a good way, every good team has that quality. We will have to smooth out our flaws to create a good spirit. The group. Hunger is synonymous with the desire to do something important.”
On the road with Spain “I have always felt supported by the management, it is a pleasure to be able to represent Spain as a coach as it was as a player. I have a contract until the end of the World Cup, I feel the support of everyone. It is up to others to judge my work. I am calm about my work, I always try to give 100%, I am surrounded by excellent professionals, and I have this luck.”
on the rose “There was a rotation of players who changed no matter what name and club they played for. That’s what I’ve always tried to do since I was coach of the Spanish national team.”
About his role as a leader “I’m a leader but I don’t go out on the field, the important for wins are the players who play, who take the field. There is a lot in the group, the difficulty is in pressing, scoring goals, being careful of opponents’ moves and we have many players who know how to do these things. If We had to go to the final and it would be thanks to them.”
In sessions, not at Wembley “We didn’t train to protect the grass and the same in Copenhagen. It’s a nice session for the players, it’s a shame but we understand the priority.”
Ali Bonucci and Chiellini “They are two important players, with experience, but I don’t pick the eleven based on who plays them. I’m focused on what we do on the pitch. Obviously, I’d like Leonardo Spinazzola to be there, but there are more good players on the field. The pitch is better for football. foot in general.
Laporte him “He’s been called up, he’s starting to show all his qualities. He’s an excellent defender from an offensive and defensive point of view. Defenders have to be calm in building from behind, to find a free midfielder. He has a good head, he’s physically strong, he knows how to use his feet. He’s fast, he plays forward, he’s in protection. He’s an excellent defender and we’re happy that Aymeric has decided to represent Spain.”
On the spectators at Wembley and on the impossibility of seeing fans from Italy and Spain “England can reach the final and there will be a lot of English fans in the stadium. Regardless of these factors, it is a special case, and I hope there will be Italian and Spanish fans in the stadium instead of the English. We cannot manage this situation but we are not wasting too much energies to talk about it.”
The rematch with Italy? “I left because of my decision, Roma wanted me to stay at the club. It was my decision, there is no revenge. Italy is a country I love very much, I always try to visit: it is good to play against Italy, we will also play in October, in the League of Nations. For me it is a pleasure Always my pleasure.”
de russian “I heard it two or three weeks ago on the phone, and I’m happy to say hi again.”
About his Italian adventure “Ten years ago we were younger, but I was trying to play proactive football then and now the same as my identity. If we win tomorrow that would be great for us, but if Italy has to do it, the right way, I’ll do it cheer for Italy in the final.”
Hey Thiago Alcantara “He is a good and excellent player. Everyone knows his qualities, but we have a strong team. I try to give everyone time, he has experience and we are happy to have him. Then I have to make choices and my decisions speak for themselves.”
On the elbow of Tassotti and the unfinished business with Italy “But no, it’s been a long time, I’ve also spoken to Mauro sometimes over the years. It’s part of the past, of our football history.”
On the midfield of Italy and the challenge abroad “All national teams tend to have many players in the middle and give space outside but it’s valid for everyone, in any one elimination match. We will use the team game to give breadth and create problems for Italy but the passing midfield is the quickest way. To get to the goal … the important thing is to manage Possession of the ball well and exhausting opponents.

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Luis Enrique’s press conference ends