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Live streaming from console coming with update -

Live streaming from console coming with update –

Xbox Series X | S e Xbox One They may have Twitch Integrated into the system software with an upcoming update, in the meantime being offered to informed users and then to all others, allowing this Streaming directly from the dashboard from the console.

Currently, it is only possible to stream on Twitch from an Xbox console through the selected app, which requires you to take a few steps and choose a few options to be able to stream, while with this update, the question will become a lot more Live.

Once you link your Twitch account to a Microsoft account on the Xbox console, i.e. Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One, just go to the tab “Capture and Share” In the main guides menu and choose Live Broadcast. At this point, you just have to press the “Go live now” button to start streaming the match, with no further steps and basically without having to open any app.

As noted by Microsoft, the program only allows you to stream gamesSo if you quit a game while streaming and start using another app or browse the dashboard, viewers will simply see a pause screen until the game resumes.

In addition to this update on the live broadcast console, the new update also introduces the ability to useXbox Cloud Gaming direttamente da Xbox One, which will allow the curious situation to play exclusively next-generation titles, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator or The Medium, directly on Xbox One in the cloud.