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Live propaganda, Rola Gabriel says no: What happened

Live propaganda, Rola Gabriel says no: What happened

Rola Gabriel ditches Propaganda Live guests after learning on Twitter that she is the only invited woman. The journalist was invited to attend the May 14 episode to talk about the escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But then he read this tweet from the broadcast account: “Propaganda Live is back this evening. Rola Gabriel, Michel Serra, Elio, Cabariza, Colabis and Dimartino, Valerio Abria, Fabio Celenza, Claudio Morrissey, Memo Remigi and Maestro Enrico Melozy remember Ezio Bosso. See you the hour. 9.15 pm at La7. He commented, as noted by the Blogo blog, directly on Twitter: “7 guests … only one woman. Why? Unfortunately, I refused the invitation, as a professional option I do not participate in any event that is not implemented. Equality and inclusion.”

“It seems to me that it is just a big misunderstanding – comments by La7 director, Andrea Salerno with Adnkronos – because of a tweet that may be misleading to the eye of someone who doesn’t know our program. From the live broadcast tonight because we wanted to talk to her about the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Salerno added. Meanwhile, a new tweet from the program’s account confirms that the café expects other women to be there as always: “Konstanzi Rocher, Francesca Chianchi, Marco Damilano and Paolo Silata will be with us, as is every week.”

However, from Gabriel, there are no indications of an afterthought: “My words at Sanremo and my commitment to equality and inclusivity are moral principles that guide my life. They are not just words, they are choices! The Italian media are a fundamental part of the problem,” he said in a tweet. Other.

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