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LIVE MN - Genoa-Milan (0-3): fine partita. Vittoria netta dei rossoneri: decidono Ibra e Messias

LIVE MN – Genoa – Milan (0-3): End of the game. A clear victory for the Rossoneri: Ibra and Messias decide

end game | Genoa 0-3 AC Milan (10′ Ibrahimovic, 45′ + 2 and 61′ Messias)

The “Ferrari” challenge ends with a 0-3 score for Milan in Genoa: Ibrahimovic nets in the tenth with a free kick and twice, between 47 of the first half and 61, Junior Messias. The Rossoneri deserved to win, as they showed desire and quality throughout the 90 minutes; Tomori, Maignan and Messias are very positive, the rest of the lineups well travel beyond sufficiency. In this spirit, Milan can and should face every match!

93 ‘| The game ends.

90′ | Three minutes of recovery.

88′ | Brilliant move in Milan’s speed to include Theo: a miraculous intervention by Giglione to save a goal already scored!

79 ‘| Great shot from over 40m off Portanova, but Mainan, who was out of the box, recovers and with a cat-jump lifts her over the bar.

76′ | Pioli’s last two changes: Saelemaekers and Bakayoko enter Diaz and Tonali. Change also for Sheva: Bani and Portanova enter for Masiello and Rovella.

73 ‘| Rovilla warned to block out Theo Hernandez clearly.

67 ‘| Masiello was booked for contaminating Messias.

62 ‘| Two changes for Shevchenko: Bianchi and Badelj leave and Pandev and Galdams leave.

61′ | GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL Del Milaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Theo flies on the wing, Diaz serves in the middle that accommodates Messias: perfect left foot on the far post and goal! Genoa 0-3 AC Milan (10′ Ibrahimovic, 45′ + 2 e 61′ Messiah)

59′ | The third change in Milan: Ibrahimovic comes out to the applause of the Milan fans; In his place enters the former Pellegri.

55 ‘| A great opportunity for the Rossoneri at Krunich’s feet, served by a wrong pass by the Genoese; The Bosnian, however, thinks a lot and kicks weakly to the side.

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48′ | Genoa responds, but Mainan is there! Rovella’s free kick and Hernani’s header are very dangerous, but the Rossoneri goalkeeper is great at turning it down Alia – with his left arm, which he had the surgery on – and to save the 0-2 score, just before Casey’s augment. Magic Mike is back!

47 ‘| Immediately great opportunity for Milan: Diaz opens up to Florenzi who passes through to Ibra freely in the region, however, his conclusion is weak and pivotal.

46′ | The second half begins: a ball for Milan, who will attack from right to left in relation to our position in Marassi.

start again | Genoa 0-2 Milan (10′ Ibrahimovic, 45 + 2′ Messiah)

46′ | Immediately the second change of Milan: the exit of Gabbia, who entered in the third minute of the injured Kigair in favor of Florenzi; Kalolo moves to the center along with Tomori with Florenzi on the right. Change also in Genoa: Storato comes out of Hernani.


End of the first half | Genoa 0-2 AC Milan (10′ Ibrahimovic, 45 + 2′ Messias)

The first half in Ferrari ends after four minutes of recovery. Rossoneri deservedly leads with two goals: opens the game in 10′ Ibrahimovic In a free kick, while the doubling comes in the second minute of recovery with a perfect header The messiah. Pioli’s team entered the field with the right desire and attitude, which must be confirmed in the second half, and did not suffer from anything from Minnian parts. Very bad as jayer: His blunt trauma, sprained left knee. The necessary investigations will be conducted tomorrow.

45′ + 4 | Half time is up after four minutes of recovery.

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45′ + 2 | GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAL DEL MILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Diaz tries to deduce from the edge: payoff. The vines end on Messias, who begins with his head a perfect tale that surpasses Sirigu and ends with himself. Genoa 0-2 Milan (10′ Ibrahimovic, 45 + 2′ Messiah)

45′ | Four miunti recovery.

42 ‘| Milan’s quick counterattack with Ibrahimovic sending in Diaz: a double dribble acrobatic and a little high shot! Too bad, but cheers!

38 ‘| Maneuverable movement by Milan on the right and Messias freeing on the edge of the zone: weak conclusion and centralization using the left hand.

36′ | A giant slalom from Diaz leaves three players in place and enters the penalty area; However, on the last man, the ball extends too far and ends up, docile, in Sirigu’s arms.

32′ | Cage warned not to put pressure on Bianchi.

30′ | Upcoming updates regarding Kier’s injury: According to what has been learned from, in fact, the Dane sustained a severe injury to his left knee; The necessary investigations will be conducted tomorrow.

27 ‘| Rovella’s character move starts from the left and centers on kicking from more than 25 metres: a ball high over the crossbar.

23 ‘| The first half is now multiplied: Milan have succeeded without problems, so far, the advantage that Ibrahimovic signed. It will be necessary to immediately find the second target: there is room for it.

17′ | Messias steals the ball from Vazquez on the right and puts it in the middle of Ibra, who was blocked by Masielo from the borders of the small area immediately. In the next corner, a beautiful cross pass from Tonali and scrum in the area without positive results for the Rossoneri.

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11 ‘| Theo’s descent on the left and a low cross in the middle of the eccentric needle which, however, softens the score. Missed the target.

10 ‘| ! Ibrahimovic’s perfect free kick. Moves to the left of the Sirigu building. Genoa 0-1 AC Milan (10′ Ibrahimovic)

7′ | A finale from afar from Ibrahimovic deflected a corner kick and a second corner kick for Milan quickly overcame Kalulu’s free kick, whose finale was deflected by his hand by Genoa: a 25-meter free kick for Ibra.

2 ‘| immediate problem for Milan: Kjaer, while trying to get the ball back from Cambiaso, put his knee poorly and had to come out in excruciating pain on a stretcher; In his place comes Cage. To the Dane, whatever his injury, wishes him a speedy recovery.

1 ‘| Started! The first ball of Genoa, who will attack from right to left in traditional clothes, compared to the white ball of Milan.


Official lineups

Genoa (3-5-2): Sirigo. Vanheusden, Macielo, Vasquez; Ghighlione, Sturaro, Badelj, Rovella, and Cambiaso; Bianchi, Ecoban.
Available: Marchetti, Semper; Bani, Birashi, Sabelli; Bahrami, Galdames, Hernani, Portanova, Touré; Buxa, Pandev. everybody.: Shevchenko.

Milan (4-2-3-1): Minyan. Kalolo, Keir; Tomori, Hernandez; Tonali, Casey; Messias, Diaz, Kronich; Ibrahimovic.
Available: Meranti, Tătărușanu; Balotori, Conti; Florenzi, Gabbia; Bakayoko, Saelemaekers; Liao, Maldini, Pellegri. everybody.: Beoli.

Rule: Macerata bags


friends and friends, Good evening everyone from “Ferraris” in Genoa!

After consecutive defeats against Fiorentina and Sassuolo, he achieved Milan Tonight he will try to return to winning the championship, asking the way for Milan legend Andriy Shevchenko and him. Genoa. Kick-off set at 20:45: Watch the match live with live text, updated minute by minute, here Good game for everyone!