Saturday, July 20, 2024

“Little clarity forward, second goal cut our legs”


At the press conference, Sinista Michaljovich Comment on the match between Bologna and Juventus. This is what I collected TuttoMercatoWeb.

Did you expect anything more from your team? “We took the first goal cold, but between the first and the second we were there, we managed the match, we lacked decision, clarity and ugliness in the last 20 metres. The second goal cut our legs, the whole match there, we didn’t score. We could have done more but because of their skill and some Our inaccuracies did not manage to equalize.”.

Svanberg shows great continuity: “He’s doing a good job, and he’s been doing it all year long”.

Barrow Invece? “It’s pointless to talk about all the singles, something was missing in front of us because we didn’t score. We couldn’t throw it, when you don’t score it’s hard to score.”.

Was it possible to remove a defender and add an offensive player? “It could have been, but we didn’t have the right-back. It wasn’t a question of form, however, the team managed the match well until the second goal and played it. It’s not a problem with form, we were in the half of the field. More orientation offensively, but Lulu was not good, so we didn’t have a right-back.”.

How is the morale after 3 losses in a row? “We need balance, we must always play to win as we will against Sassuolo and we will play our game there as well”.

Arnautovic tries a lot to embroider and doesn’t wear it, right? “Sisi, he should be more decisive, I often tell them. But they had some defenders. I expect more and more from Marco.”.

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