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Lithuania now in Moscow's sights: Putin's party set law against European independence and NATO base

Lithuania now in Moscow’s sights: Putin’s party set law against European independence and NATO base

The Lithuanian president had said it, in no uncertain terms, as soon as the invasion began: “Ukraine This is not the only goal From Russia.” A month later, what seemed impossible was achieved in the State Duma in the form of a law Project that he proposes abolition of independence The small republic obtained so far 31 years ago, following the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. The news had not yet been intercepted by the international media, but it had already fallen back on the tablesIntention Western ring circled in red: Lithuania is not only part of Europe, but also NATO’s base for operations against the Russians, with a training camp in Parabrad, about 60 kilometers from the capital Vilnius. Exactly what risks the president fears Gitanas Nausėda They urged European governments, such as the German government, to increase their military presence in the Baltic region to meet the risks and challenges to regional security. The dangers now written in black and white in Russia’s supreme state apparatus.

Putin’s ‘United Russia’ party submitted, by MP Yevgeny Fyodorov, a bill repealing State Council decision of the USSR “On the Recognition of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania”. The invoice is available in the Douma database. The text claims that this decision was “unlawful”, as it was adopted by an “unconstitutional body in violation of certain articles of the Soviet Constitution”. The parliamentarian noted that in Lithuania there is no “no referendum On secession from the Soviet Union, “a transitional period for resolving contentious issues” was not specified.

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The author of the bill also noted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation contains Article 67.1, which states that “the Russian Federation is the legal successor to the USSR on its territory”. Fedorov noted that at the same time, a referendum was held in the USSR itself in March 1991, in which the majority of citizens voted in favor of maintaining the USSR as a single state. The independence of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic was recognized September 6, 1991. Before that, in March 1990, the Supreme Council of the LSSR passed a law renaming the state to the Republic of Lithuania and declaring a law restoring its independence.

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