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Limitations of Russia and China's military and technological challenge to the United States

Limitations of Russia and China’s military and technological challenge to the United States

The United States is a declining power, but the devastation of the Moscow Armed Forces in Ukraine and the failure of Beijing’s Govt vaccines show that the challenging Putin and G have a long way to go.

America is a weak world power. Signs of decline have recently intensified: at the military and international political level, with Urgent and catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan; At the internal political level, with Poor management of Govt infection; At the organizational level, with The Trumpians’ attack on the Capitol After the presidential election. Powers such as Russia and China have sought to take advantage of these open criticisms, which are aimed at challenging the US-dominated unilateral structure. Redefine the polynomial layout They also have a place at the head of the table. However, things did not go as planned. Moscow and Beijing will not laugh if Washington cries.

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