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Libya, protesters attack the parliament of Tobruk

Libya, protesters attack the parliament of Tobruk

On Friday afternoon, demonstrations were organized in the cities of Misurata and Tobruk, coinciding with a similar march in Tripoli, to denounce the deteriorating living conditions, to protest against the political forces that paralyze the country, and to call for elections as soon as possible. ..indicated in the middle.

The reaction of the Libyan Prime Minister, supported by the international community, was immediate

Abdul Hamid Dabaiba

who asked all political bodies, including his government, to

Resign and go to the elections

. “Add my voice to the protesters across the country: All political bodies, including the government, must resign, and there is no room to do this except through elections,” Dabaiba wrote on Twitter, adding that “these are known. The approval of the budget.”

Demonstrators in Misurata and Tobruk in particular denounced the power cut crisis that has worsened recently without successive governments being able to find a solution. In Tobruk, dozens of young men gathered in front of the parliament building, east of the city, and set tires on fire.

Shots in Tripoli to distribute the manifesto

Libyan security forces fired shots to expel protesters who had gathered in front of the prime minister’s residence in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. The demonstrators, a few dozen, parked some cars in front of the headquarters of Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, and complained about the poor conditions of the Libyan people and chanted slogans such as “Libya! Libya!” and “No, no to the battalions!”