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Libra and Aquarius are great

Libra and Aquarius are great

Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope, Thursday, October 13, 2022, and predictions about love, work and luck is a sign by sign. With the inquisitive Moon in Gemini, we also have the Sun and Venus enjoying the blessing of Saturn. In short, design but applied in a certain harmony.

Today’s horoscopeThursday, October 13, 2022, and predicted predictions with reference to love, work and luck. The Sun is still conjoined with Venus, but above all in Trine with Saturn and Mars. How do I say that strong will But the methods are not aggressive. Libra is a sign dominated by Venus!

With the Moon in Gemini today, I would say the sign lucky Both Aquarius, which immediately recovers from two days of the crooked moon. while the unfortunate sign He’s a Sagittarius, but he’s totally used to it these days.


You always depend on your saints in heaven with Jupiter in your sign. But be very careful, because it can not always go well with Mercury in opposition. You could also be practically on the brink of the Champions League, just like Juventus, but unfortunately you don’t realize it.

Today’s horoscope for Aries sign

the love: Feelings are a language that is completely incomprehensible to you.
a job: You always subconsciously put yourself in embarrassing situations from which it is impossible to get out.
health: You need a serious renewal of elegance and restraint.
Tip of the Day: It’s always important to take care of yourself and your smile, because your smile these days isn’t exactly dazzling. Always carry a travel toothbrush with you to refresh your tooth enamel a little, even when you’re at the office.
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I know you all feel a sense of duty and achieve your goals like waving a flag. However, today the moon advises you to relax a bit and you may have strange thoughts, such as giving up everything and only taking care of your children. This trend appears to have been welcomed by many professionals who are reassessing the importance of the family in comparison to the illustrious careers.

Taurus today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Taurus

the love: It tastes like a minion pastry with little bits.
a job: Your forbidden desire is to leave everything and go away.
health: Remember that you have all the skills to avoid the unexpected.
tip of the day: In honor of legend Angela Linsbury tonight, watch no less than two episodes of “The Lady in Yellow”.
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Free your tongue in any discussion and on any topic in favor of Mercury. Just like Roberto Parodi, who expressed Salt Bae’s arrival in Milan in a very colorful way. Madonnina’s historical meatloaf is unparalleled.

the love: a dominant passion.
a jobArguing with you is like getting into the grip of a rattlesnake. no escape.
health: You feel like you can do anything, do any kind of project, and getting to the top of the 8000m peaks feels like a simple walk.
Tip of the Day: Go and try the mixed reality headphones. It will be very interesting for you because you will feel like you are entering your favorite video games directly.
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Bad luck haunts you, perhaps because Jupiter is always ready to put a speaker in the wheel. Just as it happened to a group of Italians who went into the French forests and collected 150 kilograms of mushrooms, and now they are risking a nice fine. In short, dear Cancer, for you now, the saying is true: Never be happy.

Today's horoscope for cancer

Today’s horoscope for Cancer sign

the love: You can make fake papers for a simple compliment hug.
a job: Today and for some time it is still better not to conclude any “deal”.
health: You definitely need something sweet. You can think about the diet tomorrow.
Tip of the Day: Treat yourself to a light meal with your dear mother to feel protected and pampered. You really need it.
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I know you feel entitled to be able to claim anything in favor of Mercury, Mars, and Venus together, but you have to be very careful with Saturn against, and always ready to point out that what you are about to do is not right. Just like what happened to Jean-Paul Gautier, who, not asking for the rights to use Venus from Botticelli, made the Uffizi director in Florence go on a rampage. Sometimes, as dear Massimo Lopez said on the popular Telecom website: “A phone call extends your life.” Understood?

horoscope today leo

Today’s horoscope Leo

the love: It’s a very sweet premonition.
a job: Review the basics of courtesy and respect for others.
health: You are always absolutely perfect, from the ends of your hair to your shoes.
Tip of the Day: If you thought that using false eyelashes, which seems like a real necessity, you can get everything you want by making beautiful eyes like the Little Mermaid, then you are very wrong.
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The discovery that the cloud with dark data has a daily environmental impact equal to three times the flight from London to New York has hit you hard. Although you have always been very mental, and appreciate everything related to the world of technology, today’s moon has definitely softened your little heart. So much so that you’re in the grip of Hamiltonian doubt about whether technological advances or a return to the wilderness are better. The answer is basically inside you, but you don’t know how to listen to it right now.

the love: You can explore hidden pleasures.
a jobToday, choosing between the best red or blue pill has become impossible for you.
health: Book your annual check-up to make sure you are in good shape.
Tip of the Day: For your pleasure, Amazon Prime is back, you can spend your entire evening scrolling through the catalog on discounted news. A 10-speed blender may be your next purchase.
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weight scale

The choices are made for the next James Bond, and it looks like he might be a woman of the future. You, with all the planets on your side, have what it takes to run for the role of the world’s most famous spy for the British Crown. Get ready in the mirror to repeat the famous phrase: “I’m Bond, James Bond.”

Libra horoscope today

Today’s horoscope for Libra

the love: You are hotter than Marilyn Monroe.
a job: You can accept any challenge. But first ask your boss for a raise.
health: perfect in any situation.
Tip of the Day: Organize a nice little trip with friends to go and see the ruins of FAI. On this Sunday in Piedmont, in the various municipalities there are many interesting places to discover.
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The scorpion

The moon still crooked, but only in the wee hours of the morning did it strike you flatly. In fact, in order not to please anyone, you’re ready to take on the role of Damien Hirst, who burns his business so they don’t become NFTs. When you’re in this mood, it’s best to let a few hours pass and then try again with “bargaining.”

scorpio horoscope today

Today’s horoscope Scorpio

the love: I hid at the bottom of the scorpion’s den.
a jobArguing with you today would be like arguing with a nervous Mike Tyson.
health: Taking your space and time is essential to you.
Tip of the Day: To distract yourself, throw yourself into your beloved philosophy, and recall Jung’s beloved books on archetypes and psychoanalysis.
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Your curiosity, now that you’re back among the Mercury favorites, is at an all-time high. In fact, you’ll love to be a fly and have a look at Hilary Blasey’s wardrobe, obviously before Totti rips it off. You are absolutely searching for the beautiful partner, the flower that enlightens you.

Today's horoscope for Sagittarius

Today’s horoscope for Sagittarius

the love: It is not always necessary to have unforgettable offers.
a job: Keeping your tongue under control is impossible. Now that I say things that make sense, who is stopping you anymore?
healthFocus on the activity under the covers. After all, some calories are consumed there as well.
Tip of the Day: For your insatiable curiosity, go to Palazzo Strozzi to see Ólafur Eliasson’s fantasy exhibition. I am sure it will meet your expectations.
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The perfect partner finder app seems to be right for you, but only for procreation. nothing else. For those of you who never want to hear about feelings due to against Venus, this app seems like the perfect solution to satisfy the need for species continuity.

Capricorn today

Today’s horoscope Capricorn

the love: It is a purely physical act.
a job: You are not a true financial genius, so beware of risky investments.
health: You’re always willing to give your opinion, especially if it’s a sour comment and no one asked you to.
Tip of the Day: To be informed, it is not necessary to rely on what you find on social media, but open a nice daily newspaper and take half an hour to read it in peace.
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With you these days you can really dream, because with the support of Venus, Mars and Jupiter you really are a crazy cool guy. You are basically Ibrahimović from the zodiac, who lands on tik tok and instantly creates a block on the platform for the number of likes achieved. You cannot wish for anything else.

Aquarius today

Today’s horoscope for Aquarius sign

the love: increasingly shameless and extreme.
a job: I rode the train with the destination: success.
healthThe figure is perfect, the smile is dazzling, and the energies are on top. Should I continue or can I stop here?
Tip of the Day: Social networks and in particular the tik tok platform are now places where you can express your opinion on everything, even protests. You can open your account and select the endless battles you want to fight for.
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You want to feel comfortable and pampered especially with this beautiful moon in your favour, even if it’s only this morning (early). You can opt for an experience in the restaurant dedicated to the wonderful Sophia Loren. Of course, the best thing for you is to be able to share a meal with the legendary Oscar winner. On this last point, you can continue to unleash your imagination.

Pisces today

Today’s horoscope Pisces

the love: Accept pampering from anyone.
a job: Fresh air is needed, new projects, because the old ones have been stagnant for a long time.
health: A good swim in your element, ‘water’, is what you really need.
Tip of the Day: Inquire about spiritual rituals in the Amazon rainforest, because you may soon decide to join these wonderful trails in the most remote places in the farthest corners of the world.
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