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Letter to Joe Biden. The loophole that allows Djokovic to play in the US Open?


Will Djokovic be in the US Open?


No US Open without vaccination, in fact the tournament organizers’ unequivocal declaration. However, Novak Djokovic still hopes to be able to participate, and Joe Biden himself can decide in his favour.

Over the weekend, Novak Djokovic posted a video of him training intensely on “DecoTurf”. The same deck used at the US Open. “I am preparing as if I can participate in the tournament, waiting to see if I can enter the United States,” the 35-year-old wrote as he thanked his fans for their support.

So it looks like the final word on this Nole at the US Open has yet to be said. Tournament organizers have already confirmed several times that they will not make an exception for Novak Djokovic’s case and that they will abide by the government’s vaccination rules. However, the US government can create a loophole …

In an online petition, more than 40,000 fans asked to accept their idol in the latest annual Grand Slam event. This group of fans also wrote a letter to US President Joe Biden. The signatories refer to Article 10294 of the Presidential Proclamation. This would allow non-Americans to enter the United States without getting vaccinated, if it is in the country’s best interest.

“Given the current economic situation and crisis, the USA should not allow the US Open to start at a non-peak,” said Nebojsa Jovanovic, president of a federation promoting tennis in Serbia. This, of course, includes the participation of Djokovic, a three-time winner of the New York Championships.

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“It is in America’s best interest to host one of the world’s most important tournaments, the best player in the world, considering he just won his seventh Wimbledon title,” Jovanovic added. In addition, the 21-time Grand Slam champion poses “no safety risks” and serves as a “role model and inspiration to millions of people around the world”.

Djokovic clips his fingers…

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