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"Let's get down".  More than 850 illegal immigrants off the coast of Italy

“Let’s get down”. More than 850 illegal immigrants off the coast of Italy

This is where the Italian territorial waters become chaotic Ships Ong There were about 850 people on board Immigrants Press to enter our country. The migrant situation, which is now only at the end of June, is already in danger of being deregulated in Italy and the expected landings between July and August have not yet been reached. The Lampedusa hotspot had a maximum of 350 migrants in the previous days and Eighteen ships, To continue the journey between the island and Sicily and to deploy and lighten the structure, but only to avoid heavy loads due to the continuous autonomous arrival of sea carriages. And the problem is not only worrying about Lampedusa, because autonomous landings have been recorded for several days in Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily. On Sunday afternoon, a boat with 80 migrants was intercepted at Syracuse Sea by Coast Guard patrol boats.

Claims of NGOs

Sea Eye4 It is located less than 20 miles from Pozzallo and has a population of 474 as a result of various interventions in the Mediterranean. “Some have already spent 7 nights at sea. For those who are tired for a very long time, many of them need floor maintenance“, They say from the eye of the sea 4. The German voluntary charity is located a short distance from the ship Aita MariThe Spanish flag of 112 flies. They ask for a safe harbor in Sicily and point to Pozzallo, which is very close and often assigned as a pose. But on the other hand, a few miles off the coast of Lampedusa, there is pressure on our borders. Marine Surveillance4With 261 emigrants, 165 of which were sent by Louis Michael and 96 cargo ships by Aslihan.

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Lampedusa on the knee

The nearly 300 immigrants of the Sea Watch 4 cannot be held responsible by Lampedusa because there have been several days of uncontrolled autonomous landings on its shores. The night came 123 with three sea carriages. First, 15 Tunisians stranded on a 5-meter boat were tracked down and rescued by the Port Authority. This was the turn of 9 other Tunisians, including 2 women, whose boat stopped 40 miles from the island, leaving Sorcis. Another 99 people, including 28 women and 8 minors, arrived after their 12-meter boat was found 35 miles off Belgaum from Sfox. Over the weekend, 500 expatriates from Lampedusa were brought to Pozzallo, where they were given a leave sheet from Italy: a buffer solution for them to breathe.Sharing. But within hours, the number of immigrants inside the first reception facility rose to 870, making every action complicated and dangerous.