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Letizia di Spagna, Leonor e la vicenda giudiziaria che la vede coinvolta

Letizia from Spain, Leonor and the legal case she sees involved

He should have returned to Spain with all the lightness that summer brings, but things for the Spanish Leonor did not go exactly as he expected. The young princess heir to the throne found herself scandal center (in spite of herself), an unfair dismissal case for her.

A harsh blow to Spain’s Letizia: Leonor in the middle of a scandal

After a hard year spent inUnited World College of the Atlantic – The prestigious institute in Wales where Europe’s future rulers and young descendants from the continent’s wealthiest families study – leonor spain He couldn’t wait to finally spend his well-deserved vacation in peace.

However, as soon as she returns home, she does not find a welcome welcome: the Princess of Asturias is involved in a court case, case of unfair dismissalwhich, among other things, the Madrid Supreme Court has just delivered its verdict.

Think not of the whims of a young crowned head who cried to one of the staff of the Zarzuela Palace: Leonor has already suffered from this case, Getting involved without his knowledge. It all started in February 2021, when TVE, the Spanish channel that Letizia Ortiz Working as a journalist before falling in love with Felipe, he terminated the contract of Bernie Parachina, a collaborator with the newspaper. La hura de la 1. Reporter error? Report on Princess Studies at UWC Atlantic College titled provocative: “Leonor leaves Spain, like her grandfather.” Refer to negation Juan Carlos in Abu Dhabi It was clear, which is why Rosa Network Director María Mateo condemned the “grave mistake” that had occurred and demanded “immediate action” (He also seems to be under pressure from the palace).

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In fact, he was fired a few days later, which also sparked a reaction from Barracchina: “I got fired, like Leonor’s grandfather,” he commented on Twitter with scathing humor, sparking controversy.

Leonor, unwarranted dismissal that sparks debate

The case certainly did not end here despite what happened a few months ago. The journalist has been officially fired since last September, and he’s supposed to be back on the channel pretty soon, given that The Supreme Court of Madrid announced his dismissal.

According to the ruling, the title was certainly “inappropriate” but was not considered “offensive” to the Crown Prince or Princess Leonor. For this, the court ordered his return to TVE, as well as compensation in the amount of 10,000 euros for unfair dismissal.

Obviously, also on this occasion, Bernie Parachina did not miss an opportunity to respond on Twitter A sharp new joke: “Justice protects me like Leonor’s grandfather.” A rather frank reference to the fall of the charges against Felipe’s father for corruption, embezzlement and tax fraud, which sparked much debate in Spain.

Meanwhile, the Crown did not want to comment on the case, let alone Leonor, who was directly involved in the scandal. The princess intends to live the summer with her family and friends of all time, and may the occasion be too. To bring her young boyfriend back to Spainwho appears to have already met the royal family over the past Easter weekend.