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“Les italiens” at the service of Morocco: this is how they wanted to stop the Pegasus investigation

Not only the issue of Western Sahara and trade agreements with the European Union. if it was Morocco, West, sunset He moved, according to the Belgian investigators, for other reasons as well. Rabat has approached the alleged clique headed by the former MEP Antonio Panziriwith his former assistant Francesco Giorgias well as to get their hands on the investigationBusiness Pegasus. From the name of the program that some secret services, including those of Morocco, might spy on European political leaders.

Pegasus Committee

in the last few hours Republic Some clips from the documents of the Belgian judiciary’s investigation into the so-called Qatargate have been published. However, this name betrays the “double” development of the probes. In fact, not only Doha is involved in the alleged round of bribery, but also Rabat in particular. Until now, it was assumed that the Dgedthe Moroccan secret service, dealt with Panziri and other European politicians only for a matter Western Desert and trade agreements with the European Union.

However, with the new revelations, it now appears Morocco’s goals were different. In particular, Rabat wanted to see clearly on Pegasus commission. That is, the Commission was born in March 2022 within the European Parliament to investigate possible cases of espionage.

In those weeks it appeared with the Pegasus program, which was created by the Israeli company They forgotSome important European political leaders were spied on. Among them is the French president Emmanuel Macron. But many members of the European Commission were not immune from spying cases either.

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Who spied on the politicians of the old continent? This is exactly the question that the committee members must answer. Some press articles showed a role for Morocco in using Pegasus. A role, in fact, has not yet been confirmed and Rabat is not the only suspect in the case.

In any event, the Belgian investigators at Qatargate had noticed a Moroccan attempt to infiltrate its men inside the committee. Rabat services, in particular,Pushing the accession of Representative Andrea Cozzolino to the Special Parliamentary Committee – reads the papers of the Brussels investigators – in light of Morocco’s public participation in this file.. “Furthermore – it continues – the committee also includes Vice-Chair Eva Cayley and Belgian parliamentarian Marie Arena“. Kaylee She is the Vice-President of the European Parliament, and the companion of Francesco Giorgi and is currently in custody because of the money in her house. According to Brussels investigators, Cozzolino (not investigated in the Qatargate case), Kylie and Arena were going to make up a true story”A team working in the service of the General Directorate of Economic Development“In this context”The group of Italians – the investigators write – operates with a discretion that goes beyond mere prudence. Avoid appearing publicly pro-Moroccan in Parliament. using a coded language“.

potential ligament targets

It is called a group of Italians even if there are not only our compatriots. So perhaps the reference is more to Panziri and Georgi and their key role in the alleged pro-Moroccan group.

In any case, Rabat’s main goal was probably to find out the details of the progress of work within the Pegasus Committee. In this way, it was possible for the Moroccan apparatus to intervene.

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If the Belgian allegation is confirmed, Morocco’s involvement in the case could also have ramifications for the Pegasus investigation itself and a better understanding of how the software has been used against several European political leaders. Among them is the suspect who leaked to the Republic as well Romano Brodi United Nations Special Envoy for the Sahel.