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L'Eroica, in its 25th edition, boom for foreigners, nearly 40% of 9,000 subscribers

L’Eroica, in its 25th edition, boom for foreigners, nearly 40% of 9,000 subscribers

An exceptional version of L’Eroica, the classic largely amateur white road racing of Chianti and Val d’Orcia dedicated to vintage bikes, those produced until 1987, in steel and with cross-tubes, delight cyclists at all times. The grueling race (209 km classic track) has reached its 25th edition, skipping a year for Covid, since 1997 in which 92 madmen led by founder, Giancarlo Procchi, opened the track that started before dawn: a new surge in subscribers, with over 9,000 subscribers In sight. It runs on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October from Gaiole in Chianti.

But the real novelty is the share of registered foreigners, which approaches 40% of the total while typically approaching a third of old cyclists. The bulk comes from Germany, with just under 1,200 members. In terms of number, followed by Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France. Among the farthest: 130 cyclists from the United States, 34 from Australia and 30 from Canada.

For the first time, L’Eroica conquers Rai Live, which will broadcast images on Sunday 2 October from Gaiole in Chianti live starting at 9.00 on Rai3 and from 9.40 on Raisport. Canale 3, the main reference point for the province of Siena and much of Tuscany, will ensure extensive television coverage.

However, the creator of the contest, Brocci, was not surprised by the boom of the participants: “In truth, they are only 92 out of 97 multiplied by 100. In the sense that L’Eroica’s profound spirit has not changed, it has come a long way. It has maintained itself, by Sharing values. More and more people are drawn to this occasion where passion for a great sport is coupled with the production of joy and friendship, caring for the region, respecting others, and sharing feelings.”

A success born in my being and not by chance: “It is a unique context where, in addition to the beautifully preserved network of secondary roads, including whitewashed ones, the social fabric of great depth, the legacy of volunteerism, the willingness to welcome you, continues in the solidarity and inclusion that formed The basic resources of the peasant identity, out of love for who we are and for what our elders have given us.” The format was then exported to almost all continents: “I believe that the idea of ​​Eroica, above all, represents the real global need to recapture the deep spirit of sport, especially a great sport like cycling. The realization is entrenched everywhere that every element leads to the production of performances as a function of action Angry and increasingly disturbing acts, backed by major sponsors.”

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